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Republican Governor Fuels 2024 Speculation with Political Committee Formation

Photo of Chris Sununu via Gage Skidmore Flckr

It seems Ron DeSantis isn’t the only Republican governor eyeing the 2024 presidential primary…

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu threw gas on the fire with the announcement of his establishment of a national fundraising organization to probe donor support for a possible White House bid.

Sununu confirmed on Thursday that he had created a 501(c)(4) organization called “Live Free or Die,” a nod to his state’s motto, as he ponders a possible 2024 campaign, according to The Hill.

“The organization is really to raise some funds to talk about the model that New Hampshire has,” Sununu said at a press conference on Thursday. “It allows logistically for us to go out and keep doing that, as we have been for quite a while.”

The organization allows Sununu to raise unlimited amounts of money while also not having to disclose the names of his donors. The 501(c)(4) structure requires a yearly report on donations to the IRS, as opposed to a federal PAC that requires quarterly disclosures.

Sununu has remained noncommittal on a run for president so far but he is part of a growing coalition of Republican voices that say former President Trump should not be the party’s nominee.


  1. That IS such a JOKE@ NH IS one of THE MOST CORRUPT states in this country on voting and has been for years! Maybe this guy is thinking he can RINO the rest of the country! Seems to be working effectively for the left in 2020, 2022 maybe 2024 and 2024. We’ll just have to wait and c!!!!

  2. The Repub. Party must run some good candidates, if nominated or election winner, must come into office in the White House and Oval Office, must be square off with the working class, that do not know which party is right for our lives and safety.


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