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Republican Senator Refuses to Acknowledge Trump as Head of the Party

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Despite Trump’s early 2024 campaign announcement, Republican senators are wary of dubbing him the current “leader” of the Party.

Over the weekend, Bill Cassidy (R-LA) was especially harsh on the former president and rejected Trump as the leader of the Republican Party and said the GOP could shift away from his influence in the future.

According to The Hill, Cassidy told CNN’s Pamela Brown that despite polls indicating Trump as the top candidate to receive the Party’s nomination he thinks Republicans should support someone else.

“The Republican Party does not have a president in office right now,” Cassidy said. “It does not have anybody who’s obviously not my leader.”

Cassidy on Saturday echoed other Republicans in calling for the party to “speak about the future” rather than fixating on issues in the past.

“We’re led by principles. We’re led by kind of concepts,” Cassidy said. “A right-of-center party which thinks that smaller government, that individual responsibility, that free markets is more likely to bring prosperity to a family and prosperity to our country. … If we are responsible to those principles, then we win.”

Cassidy has been critical of Trump over the years, even voting to impeach the former president in 2021.

According to Politico, some Republican lawmakers are holding out hope South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott launches a White House bid in 2024.

Joni Ernst is “very excited” about a potential Tim Scott presidential run. John Cornyn would “advise him to go for it.” And John Barrasso said it “doesn’t get any better than Tim Scott.”

Even Sen. Lindsey Graham, who spent much of Donald Trump’s presidency sticking to his side, said he’s intrigued by the possibility of a Scott presidential bid in 2024 and wants to see “what Tim does” before he makes any endorsements.

Scott would “bring something to the table on day one,” Graham said, adding his South Carolina colleague has “one of the most compelling stories of any Republican out there.”


  1. No way. Without Trump u have no party. Americans are getting fed up with both parties, better fugure something out quick,because the American people are getiing tired of waiting for change. Incompetent, politicians are all we get and elect lately, and that’s why nothing getds done.

  2. Trump was just fine with Cassidy when Cassidy needed Trump’s support to win election. Two faced is what this is called. Nah, Cassidy, you jerk, you dance with the one that brung ya!

  3. The guy from LA needs to resign immediately go over to the communist party democratics Trump saved the whole darn party, just because you can’t take the Truth the aggressive of Trump because he has the guts to stand and Fight not like all these so called republicans cowards, liars, rinos, that just go along with those that would see America Destroyed, for the. One world order, which means No Freedom of any kind, kill off those they see as unacceptable, look how obama was part of the Covid along with gates, soros, bloomberg, and other millionaires, billionaires, think it might be time to take these people down, all the way , gates alone is a known murder, but nothing done to him, all his assets should be ceased, turn him over to Africa, and India, for the Thousands he killed experimenting on with his vaccines. Now he is trying to force us to eat fake food, well let him and his family only eat their Hearts out NOT Americans we must demand No American land to be sold to any other country, those that have bought return their money take our land away from any Non- American,

  4. I wonder if Cassidy can pronounce the word RINO?? Anyone who voted “Yea” on the Trump impeachment hoax … is a traitor to the country and fits the definition of “controlled opposition”!!! “The best way to control the opposition, is to lead it ourselves.”~Vladimir Lenin~ [founder of the USSR]

  5. Why is this person so against former Pres. Trump? Because they are afraid of what else Elon Musk is going to let out in the next data dump?
    Reading Juditial Watch today, what is J. Biden doing to release FOIAA info. about himself and his files hidden and protected by Univ. of Maryland? Why aren’t more people asking about what he is hiding? Why when H. Clinton spoke about Russian interference, which was a lie did people believe that?
    More is coming out on Jan. 6th and it being more lies, Christian families who went to peacefully support our 45th Pres. they were picknicking with their families, Others DRESSED UP Like MAGA people, they were not MAGA people when is this truth coming out in our Media? No One should come out to run for Pres. until this foul play on capitol hill is having a light shined in the darkness happening there. We should consider some actors have a following of 200,000 people isn’t that a little dangerous on Instagram? Much is going to come out on Twitter, Google, and Facebook on not Russian collusion, but government Interference with censorship of the media all for one party to win and the other party to lose? Why was H. Clinton so sure she would win? How do we think J. Biden supposedly won the last election. Horse Maneur, they are hoaxing us folks, keep praying for the truth to come out. For a moment in time we should not be swayed by an impatient soul, which side are they on? After all. How do we know anymore? Communism doesn’t give you a vote folks. Many have been profiting from our relationship with China take a closer look? Let’s be civilized here. Also, socialism isn’t Equality for All folks, it is a ruling elite in charge folks, not ‘We the People’ and fair elections. Just more of the same…

  6. cassidy is Louisianas RINO Village Idiot, he thinks his mouth is making him important with the demoncraps and other rinos.
    He will do and say anything he thinks will get him recognization among the elite in the democrap party.
    He is a disgrace to the majority of the people of Louisiana.

  7. I will not vote for anyone but President Trump without him I a leaving the Republican Party. I don’t care what this Cassidy says. What has he done for America, nothing. All Rino’s and I am sick of it. And don’t even get me started on Gov. Ron DeSantis I can’t stand him.

  8. Cassidy, you need to wake up and face reality of what our country is now. You and all
    Republicans MUST stand together or we will lose this great country. You must chose some
    one that can stand up to the corruption and give back as good as you get. No weak turn
    the other cheek person is going to save this country. We do not have a democracy, we have
    a Constitutional Republic if we can keep it. I pray that we can, it is the best country in the world,
    that is why everyone wants to come here. But it doesn’t have a SOUL, you and I do, not a country.
    We need GOD”S help to keep her too.

  9. RINO Cassidy seems bent on convincing Patriotic Americans ie: “We the People” that RINO Cassidy’s life of opportunities is actually a waste of food.

  10. Trump would still be President if he had focused on what he was doing instead of his mouth spewing out crap tweet after tweet. Yes, the dems were demonic, but he shot us all in the foot with his tweets & condescending manner. He did NOT act Presidential, but like a spoiled brat!
    There are some great alternatives!!! Should Trump get nominated, the whole campaign will be about him!!! & he (and all of us) will likely lose!!!!

  11. Cassidy is just another useless politician afraid that Trump will call him out for what he is. A useless politician. As a matter of fact, I am beginning to believe that we have no leaders in the Republican Party because they are afraid of Trump and are looking for someone like Tim Scott who is a fine person but does not have the knowledge or skills to be President. However, he has one thing and that is he will do whatever those crooks tell him to do and we already one of those in the White House now.

  12. What a batch of crap. Tell the RINO’s we got a bunch of you this time. As soon as there is another chance, the rest of you are gone. You hurt us more than the democrats in this election.

  13. We need Trump. Get over it you Rino’s. TRUMP is the only man for the job. look for somebody new in 2028. Every body I talk to every day wants Trump. He’s got guts and more experience than anybody to get us out of this mess Biden and Obama and Soros have created. Wake up and Unite behind TRUMP!!!!

  14. Trump has more than proven himself to stand up for America against those countries that would hope to destroy us. It’s not what or how he said things. It’s what he was able to accomplish despite the overwhelming onslaught he faced everyday from the Leftist Demoncrats who know that if he wins the White House again, they will wind up in jail for sedition, and that is precisely where they belong, starting with Hillary and then Biden and his gang of crooks. ( the list is too long to mention here)

  15. Trump is the face of the Republican party. He has the skills and toughness to handle the Demonrats and the RINOs. I refused to donate anymore to the RNC rather than send a check to the individual candidates. The RINO only spend the $$$ on their own campaigns or their kind. Trump 2024

  16. I am an 81 year old conservative republican. I am afraid that the warning of the economic and political classic of Frederic Hayek, “The Road To Serfdom” is getting more inevitable every year.
    In 2012 when Donald Trump ran for the presidential nomination for the republican party, I couldn’t believe that a man as despicable a human being as he is could ever be nominated for president (I felt the same about the democratic candidates like the Clintons, Gore etc also). Well I was wrong. And in 2016 I was astounded that he won the nomination. However when the democrats nominated Hilary Clinton, for the first time since I have been old enough to vote I did not vote for the office of president. And in 2020 the choice was equally as bad and again I did not vote for a presidential candidate.
    The democratic party policies are so incredibly stupid (and sinister) that the only hope for America has been that the republican party would come up with a candidate that could attempt to stop the decline of American democracy. However with the arrival of Donald Trump on the political scene the republic party is very close to being destroyed. I can only hope he disappears from the political arena.

  17. Quit calling him “former”! I want our President back, not that evil, perverted, simpering, baby murdering communist who stole the election from him!!

  18. That’s okay we need to do away the Party names anyway. About the Party Name, Citizens of USA, sounds better than Dims, Socialist communist, & the rhinos left behind. It’s not former President Donald J. Trump. The people have spoken, this man if the LORD JESUS CHRIST tarries, should be MAGA 2024 Party affiliation CUSA, Citizens of the USA, take back your power and get rid of previous and deceived us party names from #2024 Election of President Donald John Trump. It’s a beautiful thing when the people come together and not allow the govt. or govt agencies, fake News Media, and the media mafioso set down and shut up, because we are together in this nation, regardless of any nation, tribe, tongue and or if their ia a skin color we’re refusing to see it because we are One Nation Under GOD indivisible, for the liberty and justice for all under the Heavens of our GOD and Creator forever, even untill the end. That would be when JESUS CHRIST comes and calls HIS Church and/or Bride to Come up here. Rapturo, Rapture, HARPAZO, you can use for further understanding of when they try to tell you aliens took all the babies, children under the age of accountability, and pre teens, teens & adults. It wasn’t aliens those are demons, nephilum and fallen angels. We’re all with the One LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen & amen


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