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Growing Number of Americans Support War on Woke

Photo via Gage Skidmore Flickr

ANALYSIS – The war against woke is raging across the nation. From school districts to corporations and even the Pentagon, conservative Republicans are on the front lines to get America to wake up to what woke really is. 

And it’s not the dictionary definition of the term.

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis battles Disney over its woke policies, and both he and the Texas legislature dismantle neo-Marxist Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives statewide, liberals still try to focus on the textbook description of woke, as being ‘socially conscious’ rather than the radical concept it is.

This, as a growing majority of Americans are supporting the war against woke, and saying that if you “go woke, you go broke.” Budweiser is certainly learning this lesson right now.

Bud Light is facing a massive boycott over its partnership with transgender influencer (aka man who is trying to look like a woman) Dylan Mulvaney. And thankfully, it’s hurting the company.

But it isn’t the only one – Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Miller Lite are also being hit by outrage over their woke advertising.

Still, in a Newsweek piece, the writer, Aleks Phillips, makes every effort to focus on the dictionary definition of woke, even in a report about how their recent poll shows that Millennials favor the expression “go woke, go broke.” 

Phillips writes:

The term ‘woke’ is a colloquialism that has emerged in recent years. Its definition is to be “aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice),” according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

That’s the thoroughly watered-down dictionary definition. More specifically woke is an adjective derived from African American Vernacular English (AAVE) meaning being “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination.”

But that too is less than meets the eye.

It’s a call to social justice activism. And social justice is a code for socialism.

Even so, the Newsweek poll contradicts the popular narrative that millennials are the most socially conscious group who care most about so-called ‘social justice’ issues.

The poll found that of those who were aware of the phrase “go woke, go broke,” an average of 71% of 25-44-year-olds agreed with the idea.

That’s a big chunk of adult folks who don’t seem to like woke.

Phillips later adds an earlier Newsweek reference where a clueless (and lefty) Kelly O’Keefe, founding partner of Brand Federation, said it was “really a minority on the right” that was “concerned about even the term ‘woke’.”

“They’ve essentially weaponized the term ‘woke’—which has a dictionary definition that almost no one could disagree with: standing up for those who have been misrepresented, poorly represented etc.,” he added.

But neither the leftist politicians and activists forcing the new wokeness, nor those suffering under the policies, see the term in such an innocuous manner.

Being woke isn’t about simply being socially aware. Not by a long shot.

It is a simple code word for a slew of policies based on a neo-Marxist ideology.

These policies include pushing a radical transgender agenda on our children, racial preferences, and discrimination in favor of minorities, and against whites (in schools, government and businesses), and outright socialism under the guise of ‘equity.’ 

To be clear – equity is the opposite of equality. It means the forceful creation of equal results rather than equality under the law, or equal opportunity. That is the textbook definition of socialism.

And more Americans, including Millennials, are seeing through the ‘textbook definition” of woke charade, and calling it what it is – a dangerous ideology – especially damaging to your corporate bottom line.

The outrage at woke brands like Bud Light has been sold by liberals as a reaction by a small minority of conservatives. But as noted earlier, the dramatic decline in Bud Light sales suggests that the boycott has widespread support.

Newsweek‘s poll also suggests that the opposition to everything woke isn’t just a preserve of conservatives anymore, it’s an increasingly American thing.

Phillips notes that:

A majority of both those who voted for Donald Trump in 2020 and those who voted for Joe Biden agreed with the sentiment of “go woke, go broke,” it found, with 71 percent of Trump supporters agreeing and 62 percent of Biden supporters.

So even a majority of liberal Biden supporters are coming around to see woke for the extremist ideology it is. And that’s not good for Democrats leaders who still seem hell-bent on pushing that radical agenda.

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Amanda Head: Waking Up Early Is Racist


A recent article claims that the notion of waking up early with the rising sun is rooted in white supremacy…It doesn’t get more unbelievable than this.

Watch Amanda explain the situation below:

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Investigators Demand FBI Turn Over Memo Detailing Foreign Biden Bribe

Joe Biden via Gage Skidmore Flickr

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is in possession of a document in which a Bureau source details a scheme to bribe then-Vice-President Joe Biden in exchange for policy decisions – but the agency is refusing to turn it over to congressional investigators.

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY), working with and Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley (R-IA), has subpoenaed the FBI to produce the unclassified record alleging a criminal scheme involving Biden and a foreign national.

“The document, an FBI-generated FD-1023 form, allegedly details an arrangement involving an exchange of money for policy decisions,” Comer’s office reports.  An FD-1023 form records the details of an interview with a source.

Comer subpoenaed the record on May 3, 2023 with a return date of May 10, 2023.  

The FBI has defied the subpoena, at a time when polls show a majority of Americans now view the FBI as steeped in partisan bias and working to defend Biden politically.

“It’s clear from the FBI’s response that the unclassified record the Oversight Committee subpoenaed exists, but they are refusing to provide it to the Committee,” said Comer in a statement.

“The FBI’s delay in producing a single, unclassified record is unacceptable,” said Comer. “The information provided by a whistleblower raises concerns that then-Vice President Biden allegedly engaged in a bribery scheme with a foreign national. The FBI must provide this record to Congress without further delay. The American people demand the truth and accountability for any wrongdoing. That starts with getting this record.”

“We’ve asked the FBI to not only provide this record, but to also inform us what it did to investigate these allegations. The FBI has failed to do both. The FBI’s position is ‘trust, but you aren’t allowed to verify.’ That is unacceptable,” Comer added.

“The FBI’s well-documented failures in politically sensitive investigations have eroded public confidence over the past few years. Just a few days ago, the Durham Report found that the FBI relied on unverified and inaccurate information as the foundation of its debunked Russia collusion probe. The FBI needs to take steps to restore public confidence. Flouting a legitimate congressional subpoena and dodging oversight is no way to rebuild the public trust. The FBI’s credibility is on the line, and their continued failure to cooperate will have long lasting consequences,” said Grassley.

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FBI Retaliated Against Whistleblowers Who Exposed ‘Politicized Rot’


ANALYSIS – Things at the FBI just seem to get worse. A new House report shows that FBI special agents, and other key employees, who exposed the “politicized rot” within the bureau were suspended or had their security clearances revoked.

The interim staff report from the House Judiciary Committee and the Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government describes that ‘rot’ as the deep partisan politicization of the FBI’s leadership and the concerted weaponization of the law enforcement agency against conservatives.

The report, released Thursday morning, also described the FBI’s alleged “retaliatory conduct” against the whistleblowers “after making protected disclosures about what they believed in good faith to be wrong conduct.”

The committee’s report likened the bureau’s actions to “engaging in a ‘purge’ of agents who hold conservative beliefs.”

The FBI has responded to the accusations in a letter discussed below.

The Bureau’s politicized rot spiked after the Capitol Riot in 2021, and the subsequent Democrat effort to highlight the alleged threat of Domestic Violent Extremism (DVE), also known as MAGA Republicans, pro-life Christians, and other traditional conservatives.

Among the whistleblower’s key accusations is that the bureau opened improper investigations into a large group of individuals who simply attended the pro-Trump political rally in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021. 

They claimed that the Bureau had “no specific indication” that 138 of the people “were involved in any way in criminal activity.”

“The only basis for investigating these people was that they shared buses to Washington with two individuals who entered restricted areas of the Capitol that day,” they explained in the report.

But it’s more than that.

The committees’ report reveals new whistleblower testimony from several current and former FBI employees that exposes other “abuses and misconduct in the FBI.”

The report states that:

Some of these employees—Special Agents Garret O’Boyle and Stephen Friend, Supervisory Intelligence Analyst George Hill, and Staff Operations Specialist Marcus Allen—have chosen to speak on the record about their experiences. The disclosures from these FBI employees highlight egregious abuse, misallocation of law-enforcement resources, and misconduct with the leadership ranks of the FBI.

It added that, in order to bolster the Democrat narrative that DVE was “organically rising around the country,” the FBI pressured staff to “reclassify cases as domestic violent extremism, and even manufactured DVE cases where they may not otherwise exist.”

Friend specified that the FBI’s handling of Jan. 6-related investigations “deviated from standard practice and created a false impression with respect to the threat of DVE nationwide.”

This is something I have argued and written about repeatedly.

The deliberate mishandling of these cases greatly inflated the number of alleged DVE cases in the country and has been used as an excuse to divert massive amounts of federal law enforcement funds and resources to this grossly exaggerated threat.

One of the whistleblowers called the bureau “cancerous” because it has “let itself become enveloped in this politicization and weaponization.”

Allen reportedly had his security clearance suspended for performing case-related research using open-source news articles and videos about the Capitol riot and sending his results to his task force colleagues for “situational awareness.”

Meanwhile, the FBI argued in a letter to the Committee Chairman, that the clearance suspensions and other disciplinary actions were taken purely out of security concerns or violations by the FBI employees.

However, among the counter allegations in its letter, the FBI said:

Specifically, the Security Division found Mr. Allen espoused alternative theories to coworkers verbally and in emails and instant messages sent on the FBI systems, in apparent attempts to hinder investigative activity.

The letter noted that despite multiple directives from his supervisor to “stop circulating these materials,” Allen “continued.” 

The report states that: “Because these open-source articles questioned the FBI’s handling of the violence at the Capitol, the FBI suspended Allen for ‘conspiratorial views in regard to the events of January 6th.”

To come to your own conclusions, I recommend reading the House report and the FBI’s letter linked above. 

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Senate Flies US Flag Upside Down Indicating ‘Emergency Distress’


ANALYSIS – We still don’t know if it was an intentional call for help, a prank, or a broken clip as Senate officials claim, but the American flag did spend some time flying upside down over the U.S. Capitol. 

And considering it flew over the Democrat-led Senate building, the meaning and symbolism weren’t lost on many Americans.

A tweet by Rogan O’Handley, a political activist whose Twitter handle is DC_Draino, posted on May 16, 2023, showed a photo of the U.S. flag outside the Capitol flying upside down.

He tweeted: “NEW: US flag currently flying upside down over Senate building signaling distress and needing rescue.”

DC_Draino added: “Some believe it was flipped after Sen. Fetterman spoke with the sophistication of a drunk toddler in a hearing today.”

The tweet was viewed 4.3 million times by Thursday.

Under the U.S. Flag Code, turning the flag upside down should never be done “except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

Others noted that Congress, and indeed the entire country, is in distress and needs emergency assistance.

The upside-down flag display has also been used as a means of protest, mostly by conservatives.

Newsweek confirmed that the photo is real and the flag was at one point upside down, but reported that an official at the Capitol blamed the upside down flag on a broken clip, adding that the problem was later corrected.

However, many on Twitter questioned the explanation. One asked: “If it was a broken clip and the wind was blowing as it clearly is in the photo, why would it not appear to be attached by only one clip?”

“Science/physics, right?”

“If it was caused because a ‘clip broke’ wouldn’t the flag just streamer in the wind instead of still fluttering like a flag?” another user suggested.

DC_Draino also responded to the official explanation reported by Newsweek, and mocked those who bought it at face value:

Yes I know the article says a “clip broke” but the flag wouldn’t fly like that if it was hanging by 1 clip

Guarantee the reply guys in my comments taking the government’s PR answer at face value are vaccinated & boosted

The picture is clearly showing something different.

However, as symbolic and justified it may be to fly the American flag upside down over the Democrat-controlled Senate, this was still likely a case of human error and broken clip. 

Still, maybe it should become a regular thing until the Republicans retake the Senate.

America is definitely in emergency distress.

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Video Shows Biden Sent Troops To Border To Open Gates

Construction continues on new border wall system project near Yuma, AZ. Recently constructed border wall near Yuma, Arizona on June 3, 2020. CBP photo by Jerry Glaser.

ANALYSIS – Please hold the door! Well, it can’t get more ironic or infuriating than this.

A new video appears to show a U.S. soldier, apparently, a female National Guard troop activated by Joe Biden, unlocking and opening a gate in Texas to allow a large group of illegal aliens to cross into the United States.

And Biden thinks it’s funny.

This, after Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas shamelessly said on ABC’s “This Week” that Team Biden had succeeded in getting the word out that the nation’s borders were not open.

The video tweeted by Fox News Channel (FNC) Los Angeles bureau reporter Bill Melugin, is dated May 15, just after Biden allowed the Trump-era Title 42 to expire. The specific location in Texas was Eagle Pass in the U.S. Border Patrol Del Rio Sector.

It is not an official Customs and Border Protection (CBP) entry point. In fact, the gate is part of a Texas state border barrier, and the land is reportedly private property.

And to be clear, the soldier was reported to be acting under orders, and the migrants were loaded on a U.S. government bus.

Texas officials quickly highlighted that the soldier is not a member of the Texas National Guard deployed by Governor Greg Abbott under Operation Lone Star.

Instead, she is a Missouri Army National Guard (ARNG) member deployed to “assist” Border Patrol agents under Title 10 by Team Biden.

But the joke is on us.

It seems Biden’s understanding of “assisting the Border Patrol” involves opening the gates to allow illegal migrants to enter the country before being symbolically “processed” and released into the country.

Many of the migrants are being given immigration court date appearances set so far into the future as to be meaningless. Others are let go without any specific court dates.

One Venezuelan told the Washington Examiner that his mother “was told to wait 10 years before she can see a judge.” Another Venezuelan man was told to appear in court in March – 2027.

When asked by reporters about how he believed things were proceeding after Title 42 expired, Biden responded with a laugh, saying: “Much better than you all expected.”

Of course, they are better than expected when you are facilitating their entry to avoid images of mass chaos at the border. “Thank God there’s a camera there so we can watch them all come through in a nice orderly fashion,” one Twitter user commented.

Even disgraced and fired liberal CNN host Chris Cuomo bashed Biden about this:

…we have our president laughing, “Ha ha ha. It’s not as bad as you expected.” Really? With record numbers being processed and released into America. It’s no laughing matter, but if it is a joke, the joke is on us, because the people in power are allowing this to continue.

And while the border looks less chaotic than in recent months, illegal migrants are filling processing centers to capacity, with an unbelievable backlog of two million pending court cases.

Meanwhile, Mayorkas also touted a 50% drop in illegal migrant encounters on the border since Title 42 was rescinded, with 6,300 encounters on Friday and about 4,200 on Saturday.

But their numbers had exploded right before the end of the pandemic-era restriction, topping more than 10,000 a day, so a big drop isn’t hard to achieve.

And with U.S. troops deployed, order is restored – because the border gates are now officially open. The joke really is on us.

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Heartwarming: Commie Biz Owner Forced To Close Cafe


You can’t help but smile when you see this…

Watch Amanda explain the controversy below:

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Amanda Head: Raise The Voting Age? This Poll Indicates Yes!

Amanda Head

Could it be time to amend the U.S. Constitution?

Watch Amanda explain the situation below:

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Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis Is Running – Not Afraid of Trump

Ron DeSantis via Gage Skidmore Flickr

ANALYSIS – ‘Run, Ron, Run.’ – It’s about as official as it can get without a formal filing – Florida’s conservative Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, is running for the GOP nomination to be President of the United States. 

And he is clearly not afraid of Donald Trump.

With the end of the Florida legislative session now over – after making an exception to allow Florida officeholders to run for President or Vice President without resigning their office – DeSantis seems to have unofficially launched his campaign.

He is expected to formally file within two weeks but is already making waves with his speeches and weekend stops in Iowa, shortly after Trump canceled his planned Iowa stop due to “bad weather.” And even the New York Times took note with a story titled: DeSantis Impresses in Iowa, Showing Up an Absent Trump.

While echoing some of the policies and positions of Trump, DeSantis took some veiled shots at the former president who is leading massively among GOP primary voters, blasting Republicans (aka: Trump) as having been losers.

And that seems to be his initial strategy. Attacking Trump without attacking him directly.

This despite Trump striving to make his own GOP nomination appear inevitable and having launched numerous broadsides directly at DeSantis who he sees as his biggest potential GOP rival. 

Trump has called DeSantis disloyal and said that his political career would have been over had Trump not endorsed the governor’s ultimately successful 2018 campaign.

“He was dead as a dog; he was a dead politician. He would have been working perhaps for a law firm or maybe a Pizza Hut, I don’t know,” Trump told reporters aboard his plane enroute to Iowa back in March, reported Politico.

Asked if he regretted endorsing Ron DeSantis for governor in 2018, Trump responded this March: “Yeah maybe, this guy was dead. He was dead as a doornail.”

Whether that is true or not, DeSantis has gone on to be a highly popular and effective governor. He has also won over conservatives with his battles against wokeness and Disney. During his time as governor, Florida has also gone from being a battleground state to one that is solidly Republican.

As Newsmax reported: “We had a lot of those folks in places like Miami who had been Democrats and voted for Democrats and they came on our side – not only voting for me, but now they’re registering as Republicans,” DeSantis said. “So don’t buy this idea that we can’t expand our bases of support.

“Of course, you can do that, he added. “You can’t win big with just Republicans, and we proved that. But here’s the thing: We didn’t do it by trimming our sails. We didn’t comport ourselves to be anything that we’re not. We lead boldly. We lead conservatively, and we delivered results and people responded.”

Trump appears to be having trouble picking an insulting nickname for DeSantis, something that proved effective against previous rivals. He has called him ‘Ron DeSanctimonous,’ but that one doesn’t seem to be sticking.

The former president has also reportedly nixed calling him ‘Meatball Ron,’ as being too crude. Meanwhile, in Iowa, DeSantis continued to reference Trump without naming him. DeSantis told the small, but passionate, crowd:

If we make the 2024 election a referendum on Joe Biden and his failures, and if we provide a positive alternative for the future of this country, Republicans will win across the board. If we do not do that, if we get distracted, if we focus the election on the past or on other side issues, then I think the Democrats are going to beat us again, and I think it will be very difficult to recover from that defeat.

DeSantis added his warning about the current and future state of our nation under Democrat rule:

I think our country is floundering, in part because so many of our institutions have become unmoored from the truth: They’ve been lost in a sea of relativism. And this is important because we’re really at a crossroads as a country.

As bad as things are going right now, if things do not go well for us Republicans in 2024, it’s going to get a whole lot worse. The left in this country is really playing for keeps. They are more aggressive and more strident than at any time in my lifetime.

Amen to that. 

Still, even after being found liable for sexual assault and defamation, Trump’s status as the GOP front-runner was amplified Wednesday night during a CNN’s town hall event. 

The fireworks are just beginning.

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‘Spies Who Lie’ – Ex-CIA Chief Confirms Feds Plotted Against Trump

Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

ANALYSIS – As if we need any more evidence, testimony from former Obama-era CIA director and part-time partisan hack John Brennan confirms the letter smearing Hunter Biden’s bombshell laptop story as ‘Russian disinformation’ was a purely political move to help Joe Biden beat Donald Trump.

I’ve repeatedly referred to this outrageous and unprecedented letter, signed by 51 senior former intelligence community officials, as Democrat domestic disinformation and election interference.

The New York Post calls the entire charade – “the spies who lie.”

While all the officials who signed the letter saying the laptop appeared to have earmarks of a “Russian information operation” were private citizens at the time, they all signed with their government titles prominently listed below their names.

Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., a member of the investigating House subcommittee, told the Post that what is already known about the letter points to federal agencies clearly being weaponized to help Biden win the 2020 presidential election. 

According to Cammack, Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper and others helped get the letter quickly through the CIA’s pre-publication classification review board.

“To me, that is absolutely crazy. If that’s not weaponization of our federal government, I don’t know what is,” she added.

Cammack is confirming what I’ve noted previously – that the unprecedented letter by dozens of supposedly nonpartisan spooks was used by the Biden campaign and its allies in the media to discredit, and help suppress, the mounds of incriminating emails, photos and other materials found on Hunter’s forgotten laptop.

The election-eve laptop story was first reported by the New York Post, but after this letter was published and widely disseminated by the establishment media, the story was crushed. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn went so far as disabling links to the story and censoring or removing posts about it.

Big Tech and Big Media labeled the story ‘disinformation’ – first based on their own bias, then justified by this Democrat disinformation.

The laptop and most of its contents have since been independently verified as real and proven legitimate. But when Trump brought up the laptop report during their debate, Biden cited the letter as proof that the story was Russian disinformation.

Had the story not been suppressed it could have swayed the election in favor of Trump.

And it was all a Democrat con job.

According to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan R-Ohio, appearing on Fox News, R-Ohio “[Brennan] sat for a four-hour interview, and he further confirmed that this thing was all political.”

Brennan was seemingly eager to add his name to the letter. Responding to former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell’s request (Morell testified before the Judiciary Committee earlier in May), Brennan said:

“Ok, Michael, add my name to the list. Good initiative. Thanks for asking me to sign on.” 

Jordan also recounted what I have previously written, the fact that then-Biden 2020 campaign adviser Antony Blinken, now Biden’s Secretary of State, was the “impetus” behind the letter, and it didn’t come organically from anyone inside the community of intelligence veterans. 

As I noted then, at Blinken’s behest, the letter was drafted and organized in part by Morell who had also served as acting CIA director. At the time he was drafting the letter and seeking approval from the CIA, Morell was considered a front-runner to lead the agency if Biden were elected.

It appears Morell thought that putting out a false letter to help Team Biden might cinch him the job. It didn’t.

In his testimony, Morell referred to the letter as a “talking point” to help Team Biden against Trump during their debate. On Fox News, Jordan mused why Biden, or the Democrats, believed they needed a “talking point” if they truly believed Hunter’s laptop was not real.

Morell also reportedly told the CIA’s Prepublication Classification Review Board (PCRB) which approves all public information released by former agency employees, that he needed the letter approved as a “rush job.”

The board approved the letter in a record five and a half hours.

An active CIA employee working for the same board then solicited a signature for the same letter from former CIA analyst David Cariens, according to a written statement by Cariens.

Yes, this is what some call the leftist ‘Deep State.’ Others simply know it as ‘the Swamp.’ But most dangerously, it is part of our federal government and intelligence agencies being weaponized for partisan and ideological goals.

Next week, another partisan intelligence hack, and ‘Spy Who Lied,’ the Obama-era Director of National Intelligence (DNI), James Clapper, will appear before the committee. Let’s see what he will be forced to admit.

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