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Amanda Head: Bar Association Goes Idiodically Woke


Law schools across the country are abandoning their decades-long principles going woke and the move could prove disastrous for attorneys, current law students, and prospective law students across the nation.

Let Amanda break down the situation in the video below.

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  1. Could not get the video to play, but your message is clear, and, as a California lawyer, I am absolutely livid the there is a requirement to take a new woke “racism” political class to renew our Bar Membership, related to alleged racism, which was no doubt implemented into the requirements by woke youth in the San Francisco Bar Offices, who have little life experience, liittle work experience, and little family experience, and in every generation such youth seek to rebel for various reasons as currently, and who are dead wrong on so many issues.
    I liken this woke youth trying to run the country to the youths in Lord of the Flies, who had similar disastrous effects, and they also propagate the Big Lie , that Americans are racist, (1) without any evidence, and (2) the contrary is true, namely that Americans elected a black man, Obama, as President, for Two Terms, and a White man, a Texan, Lydon Johnson, as President, who was responsible for pushing the Civil Rights Act through Congress, among many counter facts.


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