Amanda Head: RINOs Betraying Trump

    Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    With each passing day, it seems as if another prominent Republican is publicly breaking with former President Donald Trump over Republicans’ fewer-than-expected midterm wins.

    Over the weekend, conservative influencer Candace Owens broke with the former president, and on Monday former New Jersey Governor also lamented how Trump is a drag for Republican candidates. While the amount of Republicans turning their backs on Trump is jarring these conservatives often have something in common.

    Watch Amanda break it down below:


    1. I’m afraid Trump is done for. Everyone is turning to DeSantis because he’s younger and will just be 46 in 2024 vs Trump 78.
      Sad because Trump was a great President!

      • so sad that once again gop is willing to do CORRUPT dems dirty work for them/which of those against trump have ever fought for the best for our country & her people/rinos just play the game & not well allow dems to roll over they always give in no fight/they only care about their place in swamp/are only politicians & unlike them he is not owned by anybody/TRUMP 2024

    2. But we don’t know Desantis potential ! He governs only Florida but Trump is so experienced and well prepared to fix this country from another desaster ! It’s very very bad for those who’s trying to go against him it’s a shame they will fail ! The American people supports him and always will regardless of his age ! His brain still as sharp as a 40 yrs or younger brain ! Please don’t sabotage the only hope we have for him to save America ! We all have to support him stand by him for the sake of our country ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    3. Trump was good for his time. Straightened out a lot, Biden of course tore it all down. Right now Trump is into his narcissistic tirade about everyone. Very not nice!!! With the advances of all the young conservatives, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, it’s going to be a new day fighting for all of us who believe in America. Hopefully Trump will tone down his current rhetoric. He needs to think more ahead for the party instead of himself. The GOP needs a young person who can bind ALL of us & able to serve TWO terms..


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