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Report: Winner Projected in Arizona Gubernatorial Race


Nearly one week after Election Day and a winner has been announced in the highly-anticipated Arizona gubernatorial election.

The Associated Press called the race for Democrat Katie Hobbs Tuesday evening.

What was expected to be a Republican tsunami has resulted in a ripple as Donald Trump-endorsed MAGA firebrand Kari Lake has reportedly lost to Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, per NBC News.

On Sunday, Hobbs’ campaign released a statement calling the Arizona Democrat the “unequivocal favorite to become the next Governor of Arizona.”

“Katie has led since the first round of ballots were counted, and after tonight’s results, it’s clear that this won’t change,” the statement read.

“As the county election officials finalize tabulating the results, I want to again thank every staffer, every volunteer, and every supporter on this campaign. Every door knock, every phone call, and every conversation made the difference in this close race,” the statement continued.

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    • Look at Nevada. They were “supposedly” monitoring the election closely and Laxalt was ahead when, voila, the computers went dark and the next thing you knew, Laxalt lost. Sound a little fishy? Of course it does!

  1. Why would any sane person be surprised at Hobbs winning. Hobbs is over the Election committee who counted all the “missing votes, interpreting all the votes not easily read, piling on votes that they didn’t even know where they came from, and following the Democrat strategy of the ballot box win.
    No—- we are surprised- you just had to make it look legit. Republicans didn’t lose- Arizona did!!!

  2. So Hobbs and nbc news are “projecting” the winner? It isn’t over till it’s over. Hell… I hereby proclaim and project Kari is the new gov!

    After multiple days, all AZ can do is project?

  3. Cheating bastard Demorats. Those phony “drop boxes” Convenient AFTER the election day is over, they find these votes and still count them. As soon as the Republican gets ahead all these late votes show by by the thousands. Nov 8th is election day. Get your damn votes in on that day or they do not count. AA week later is Demorat bull shit. Hobb run the vote in Arizona, and she wins a week later. No conflict of interest there. EVERY one of these votes needs to be recounted by the National Guard. Biden said they were going to win..he can’t walk and talk at the same time but, he knew that. SNL did a skit with Hobbs winning…how did they know? All a set up.

  4. Something is rotten in AZ and the USA, I think it is the Democratic Party. If we give them enough time they will retain the House also when even they say it would be a miracle. Something is seriously wrong with our system when we elect Demented Presidents and Brain Dead Senators and corpses.

  5. I just find it pathetic that the voting in this country has become no better then those in Banana Republics. I just cannot understand how Kari Lake is not the next Governor of Arizona. I guess with Katie Hobbs overseeing the votes what did we expect? With these left wind democrats in power, our border, if you can call it that, is only going to get more and more overrun. I’m very sad for this country.

  6. Talk about voter suppression – what about the co-mingling of votes in Maracopa County because they had trouble being able to read them on the Dominion machines and then burying them among already counted votes. They also made people stand in line at these largely republican voting centers for hours so that many of them would be discouraged and leave because them may have had jobs to get to or children to take care of. This is pathetic. Arizona loses because of this incompetent perhaps even malevolent process.

  7. Of course she didn’t debate Kari. Why should she when she knew she was going to win. What a joke! And what a conflict of interest when she, as Secretary of State, oversaw the elections. I’m surprised that was legal.

    • It isn’t legal but who is going to do anything about it when our whole government is the most corrupt government in the world !!!!!!!

  8. Election Reform:
    GOP adopts way Dems vote
    Automate ballot counting
    Early voting
    Outreach more
    Fire RINOs & DC Estd RNC types
    New Blood hired


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