BBC Host Calls For Trump’s Assassination, Blames Critics For Lack Of Humor

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    BBC presenter David Aaronovitch has come under fire for urging President Biden to assassinate Donald Trump in response to the Supreme Court‘s recent immunity ruling. The now-deleted post read, “If I was Biden I’d hurry up and have Trump murdered on the basis that he is a threat to America’s security #SCOTUS.”

    Aaronovitch’s comments have sparked outrage, but unsurprisingly, there has been little condemnation from mainstream media and left-wing circles, despite their fervent belief in cancel culture and moral policing. Instead, Aaronovitch attempted to downplay the situation by accusing his critics of lacking a sense of humor. (RELATED: BBC’s Top Newsman ID’d As Suspect In Teen Sex Pic Scandal)

    Double Standards and a Troubling Trend

    The incident raises serious questions about the double standards prevalent in media and political discourse. Aaronovitch’s background, as noted on his Wikipedia page, includes being the son of a communist intellectual and economist. His parents, both atheists, held Marxism as their “faith,” which provides some context for his radical views.

    The silence from the left-wing establishment on the issue is deafening, highlighting a troubling bias in how threats and hate speech are addressed depending on the political affiliation of the speaker.

    The New York Post has more information on the limited fallout:

    Aaronovitch’s reaction sparked immediate backlash – including one account that suggested “people have had police visits for a lot less. Knock knock.”

    When Aaronovitch deleted his initial post, GB News contributor Alex Armstrong accused him of “backtracking” due to advice from his “handlers.”

    Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

    “Ooh Alex. Tell me about my ‘handlers,’” Aaronovitch scoffed in reply.

    Another journalist, Jack Montgomery, suggested that Aaronovitch had “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

    “‘Impartiality’ may not be in the best of health at the BBC…,” Steven Barratt, an author at The Spectator, remarked.

    “If you think that saying it was satire will protect you, you was trying to incite violence against Donald Trump. Absolutely disgusting behavior,” another X user quipped.

    Previous Threats Against Trump

    This isn’t the first time high-profile individuals have made controversial or violent statements about Donald Trump. Comedian Kathy Griffin faced massive backlash in 2017 after a photo shoot in which she held up a bloodied replica of Trump’s severed head. The image was widely condemned, yet Griffin defended her actions as a form of political expression, only apologizing after significant public outcry.

    Similarly, in 2020, actor Johnny Depp made headlines when he insinuated that it had been a long time since an actor assassinated a president, referencing John Wilkes Booth’s assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Depp’s comments were also met with backlash, but like Griffin, he downplayed the seriousness of his statement. (RELATED: ‘Sopranos’ Star Spills Hollywood Secret In Fox News Interview)

    These examples underscore a disturbing pattern where violent rhetoric against Trump is often dismissed or excused, further polarizing an already divided political landscape.

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      • Trump promised to drain the Swamp and exposed all the Swamp Creatures, who have gone mad in attacking him for exposing them. The Public is now realizing, in shock, that the Swamp Creatures have become legion since we crossed that “Bridge to the 21st Century” and represent the purest evil that could be brought up from Dante’s 9 circles of Hell and loosed upon an unsuspecting private sector. We are facing end times and its not Global Warming we need worry about but the heat from Dante’s Elitist Inferno.

    1. Just read an artlcle how DJT is going to get all the angry White Christians together to destroy the US Govt.

      LMAO. First, Christianity is the LARGEST RELIGION WORLD-WIDE.

      2nd. only 40% of Christians in the USA are white. The other 23% are of other races. He’s have to have way more than 40% being “white”

      Now, he MAY have 63% of ANGRY Christians, but I doubt it. And honestly, I’m a white Christian and I am NOT angry, just frustrated with all the nonsense.

      All I can say is THEY ARE VERY AFRAID OF TRUMP – because of his appeal to the regular working man/woman.

      Get out an VOTE Trump in so we can say bye bye biden


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