Biden Admin Threatens To Sue Texas Over Barriers Blocking Illegal Immigration

    Photo via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    The Biden Administration is taking the gloves off.

    Biden’s Justice Department is threatening to sue the state of Texas over a new effort to deter illegal immigration.

    The Department of Justice is threatening to sue Texas over “humanitarian concerns” if it does not remove barriers floating on the Rio Grande River.

    “The floating barrier poses a risk to navigation, as well as public safety, in the Rio Grande River, and it presents humanitarian concerns,” the DOJ said, claiming that it was “unlawful” for Texas to install the barriers.

    Governor Greg Abbott tweeted that Texas would not be removing the barriers, saying that they “would see the DOJ in court.”

    “Texas has the sovereign authority to defend our border, under the U.S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution,” Abbott tweeted. “We have sent the Biden Administration numerous letters detailing our authority, including the one I hand-delivered to President Biden earlier this year.”

    “The tragic humanitarian crisis on the border was created because of Biden’s refusal to secure the border. His open border policies encourage migrants to risk their lives crossing illegally through the Rio Grande, instead of safely and legally over a bridge,” he added. “Texas is stepping up to address this crisis. We will continue to deploy every strategy to protect Texans and Americans — and the migrants risking their lives.”

    The 4-foot-wide orange spherical buoys spin if someone tries to grab onto them, according to the New York Post. The barrier can be moved or extended if need be.

    The latest deterrence method is part of the state’s “Operation Lone Star” program which aims to combat the border crisis caused by President Biden’s catastrophic border policies.

    Last week, Texas Senator John Cornyn (R) defended the use of the buoys at a news conference, saying Biden had failed to secure the border.

    “Well, we wouldn’t be having this conversation if President Biden and the Department of Homeland Security were doing its job,” he said. “


    1. Our governor is doing a fantastic job. I’ll tell the DOJ, you can take your law Sue and shove it. Texas should not and will not remove the floating barrier. Therefore, “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

    2. well we could also add troops with guns and orders short to kill would the old fool in ur WH LIKE THAT
      get stuffed biden

    3. If Biden was doing his job it would not be necessary for Texas to install the floating barrier. DHS has already admitted that it has lost many of those people they have left in the country so don’t expect them to show up for any hearings.

    4. America’s CIC (Coprolite in Chief) is and will continue to be the most destructive force in its history. This latest demonstration of our CIC’s obvious instability stands as clear evidence of what threatens our once great nation. If only a handful of states that already have issued threats were to declare membership in a new nation, congress would be forced to deal with it.

      Such powerful force would not only succeed but would sweep most states with it. The fact is nobody gives a hoot what the CIC says, does, thinks or believes. Most see him as an afflicted and ineffectual child. No conservative and few neutrals would stand with him as he and his acolytes wrest constitutional republic guarantees from them.

      Many other states contain counties that would reflect conservatism if they weren’t drowning in big cities. Currently, America’s 4th, 7th, 9th and 11th largest cities are in Texas (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin). Most states won’t admit it but their cities are liberal because residents vote for entitlements. Large numbers are young, poorly educated and dream of a planet without borders.

      Jobs in liberal states must pay substantially more than the sum of individual entitlements collectible by one person. Additionally, many of these collectors supplement their incomes with criminal activity, drugs being one of the primary sources. I’ve suggested dividing the U.S. into two nations, the United Cities of America (UCA) based on some formula akin to Metropolitan Statistical Areas. The other would be what remains outside those cities, the USA.

      They’d compete economically but share the military, roads and other infrastructure. They would not make war against each other. They would be allowed to travel and interact outside their resident cities or states. I believe working residents quickly would change their minds or relocate when forced to fund so many entitlement collectors. No collector would dare to move into areas where survival depends on a job.

    5. Add sharks, spikes, mortars, helicopter gunships, underwater mines, and an M60 crew about every click along the entire border. There. Problem solved.
      Btw joe, we WILL NOT OBEY.

    6. Given that FJB has ignored decisions from the Supreme Court on several issues including actions he mandated for taking the Covid jab and student loan debt forgiveness, why should Texas not ignore him? Creepy China Joe is not the legally elected president, only the occupier of the White House. He and his executive orders need to be disregarded and ignored!


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