Home News Mark Levin Slams Trump Appointed Judge In Classified Docs Case

Mark Levin Slams Trump Appointed Judge In Classified Docs Case

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Fox News host Mark Levin unleashed on Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon after she ruled the classified document case against the former president would take place before the upcoming election.

Last week, Judge Cannon set a May 2024 date for the trial into Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents taken from the White House. (RELATED: Judge Sets Date For Highly Anticipated Classified Docs Trial)

Cannon’s ruling also denied Special Counsel Jack Smith‘s team’s request to have the trial set for December 2023. However, Levin directed his anger at Cannon, adding that she “let the country down” during a Sunday airing of Life, Liberty, and Levin.

“Judge Cannon, in Florida, you let the country down. This trial should have been moved to after the election. You just gave your imprimatur and the imprimatur of the federal judiciary to the interference in this election,” said the conservative firebrand.

Levin then demanded that the judge investigate alleged extortion that occurred from DOJ prosecutors:

Furthermore, you haven’t even looked into a matter which you have the right to look into without any motion from defense counsel. Involving an extortion that took place. What am I talking about? Stanley Woodward, an attorney for Mr. Snyder, who is the codefendant in this documents case, said a prosecutor on Mr. Smith’s team. And this is a guy who walked into Judge Cannon’s court the other day. He’s the head of the counterintelligence section. He’s really the guy, in part the right hand to Smith who’s pushing this agenda. That guy walked into court this week and argued for certain motions against certain motions by the defense on classified information when his butt should have been thrown out of that courtroom. Why? Stanley Webber, an attorney for Mr. Snyder, said, A prosecutor? That prosecutor I’d just mentioned Mr. Smith’s team trying to secure a cooperation from his. Klein, in other words, to become a witness for the state, said that Mr. Woodward’s application for a judgeship in Washington would be considered more favorably if he and his client turned against Mr. Trump. Mr. Woodward has filed a complaint with the chief U.S. judge in Washington alleging prosecutorial conduct. In other words, the right hand man to Smith. According to this allegation, extorted. The lawyer. For the codefendant to turn state’s evidence against Donald Trump. You have a federal judge in Florida putting everything else aside. She’s going to go forward with the case. Doesn’t she want to know what took place here? And we’re waiting for an Obama judge in Washington, D.C., who are notoriously anti-Trump and pro Biden. To resolve this matter all being done in secret. All being done in secret.


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