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Judge Sets Date For Highly Anticipated Classified Docs Trial

Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Judge Aileen Cannon has set a date for the highly anticipated classified documents trial for former President Donald Trump.

Judge Cannon has set a May 2024 date for the trial into Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents taken from the White House.

Despite Judge Cannon’s decision to deny Trump’s legal team’s request to indefinitely delay the matter, she disagreed with Special Counsel Jack Smith’s requested trial date of December this year.

“By conservative estimates, the amount of discovery in this case is voluminous and likely to increase in the normal course as trial approaches. And, while the Government has taken steps to organize and filter the extensive discovery, no one disagrees that Defendants need adequate time to review and evaluate it on their own accord,” Cannon wrote.

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  1. Good grief! We wait another whole year to get this over? I think that is on purpose to keep Trump form winning the election I wish they were half as vigilant concerning Biden as they are with Trump. Biden is the criminal not Trump and yet they keep going after Trump the best president we had in a very long time. I wish Trump were back every day and pray he will make it back for his deserved 2nd term.

    • Oh no how could you possibly think that the prosecution is politically motivated? He’s been under indicted on like six different crimes. No other president has ever been indicted. They didn’t indict Trump until they decided he might be running for office. But of course it’s not politically motivated.


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