Former Trump Official A Slams Ex-White House Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany

    Kayleigh McEnany via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    The claws are out.

    In a scathing attack former White House communications director Alyssah Farah Griffin called former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany a “liar and an opportunist” during her interview with the House Jan. 6th committee.

    “The View” co-host’s shocking view of her former colleague, was included in a batch of interview transcripts released by the House panel on Thursday. According to The Hill, Farah Griffin criticized McEnany for helping perpetuate the notion that the 2020 election was stolen throughout the interview.

    “I am a Christian woman, so I will say this. Kayleigh is a liar and an opportunist,” Farah Griffin said in her April interview with the committee. “She’s a smart woman. She’s a Harvard law grad. She knew we lost the election, but she made a calculation that she wanted to have a certain life post-Trump that required staying in his good graces.”  

    “She got her FOX News gig. It worked out precisely how she’d always planned for it to, but she knew better.” 

    She said McEnany wasn’t a “true believer” in the idea that former President Trump actually won the 2020 election. 

    Farah Griffin resigned from her position in the White House as then-President Trump continued his legal battles to overturn the 2020 election results.

    “The View” co-host has also faced accusations of being an opportunist and of shifting her political values to line up with her priorities at the moment.


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