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Kevin McCarthy Makes Key Concession in House Speaker Battle

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy delivers remarks at the 2021 Capitol Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Washington DC, December 1, 2021. USDA Forest Service photo by Tanya E. Flores.

Current House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy just made a key concession in what has become an uphill battle to become Speaker of the House once the GOP takes control of Congress on Jan. 3rd.

Six Republican sources familiar with internal discussions told CNN that McCarthy conceded to reducing the threshold that is required to force a floor vote on ousting the sitting speaker in an effort to win over holdouts.

One of the numbers that has come up in recent conversations between McCarthy and GOP lawmakers – and which has not been previously reported – is a five-person threshold, according to two of the Republican sources.

Currently, the majority of the House GOP is required to call for the so-called motion to vacate the speaker’s chair. However, some conservatives such as Reps. Matt Gaetz (FL) and Ralph Norman (S.C.) are pushing for a single member to be able to call for such a vote, which they see as an important mechanism to hold the speaker accountable.

A five-person threshold, however, may be too low for the moderate wing of the party, some of whom have privately suggested they would be willing to agree on a 50-person threshold.

The compromise which McCarthy previously said he would not budge on could be key to unlocking the votes he needs to secure the speakership. But his willingness to negotiate on the issue also shows how desperate McCarthy is to seal the deal, even if it means giving away some of his power.

“The ‘devil is in the details’ as far as threshold & other rule concessions,” Norman said. “Until the details are spelled out, in writing and sealed with social media posts, people will not move on votes.”


  1. RINO McCarthy is a bad choice under any circumstances or method of pandering. We need a true conservative, with a spine, to take over, not a bidumb sycophant.

  2. He is a rino. We do not need him we need a real honorable conservatives that truly believe in the Constitution as Written, no Change ,Twist, Distorting, or Ignoring, the first thing make it the highest crime in America to do so with Treason as the punishment from 25 years in prison to Firing squad all benefits revoked ceasing assets, to deportation with family with who ever citizenship revoked never allowed on American soil again, this guy has backstabbed many conservatives, and I really don’t care if Trump likes because He should know better we need Real Fighting Conservatives not these rinos wishy washy republicans time to clean house of all them they talk the talk but can’t or won’t walk the walk

  3. Never trust a rino. I would insist on an undated letter of resignation from this guy. The days of take my word on it are over!
    You can understand your opposition having an agenda different from your’s. But when some one you count on to see your agenda put forth, does the opposite, thats treason. If you don’t learn from that you have no right to represent the people that allowed you to be there. That’s what DC does to you over time it makes you forget you represent us. They get you to agree in spirit to pledge allegiance to the DC city state and forget that you are there for us, not the corruption that hides in the shadow waiting to convince you otherwise.
    Why is Jim McGovern a democrat going to keep his chairmanship of the house ways and means committee, when the republicans take over in January? What deal has McCarthy promised to the democrats???

  4. Elect Kevin McCarthy for one year. If he fails as the previous 3 Stooges (you know who you are Kasich, Boehner, and especially closet demonrat
    pauly ryan), then he steps down. This circular firing squad crap is killing us and enabling the communist-democrat party. (Lower case spellings
    are intentionally disrespectful. 2 years is a short time. We may not get another chance.

  5. I have no idea who would be best for Speaker of the house. Like others have said he has seemed softer than I want a speaker to be. I’m sure that deals seem necessary but we do not need anyone who will be using personal empowerment as their guiding principle.

  6. Promises everything and delivers nothing. We need a 1OO% Conservative Republican. Only then can we expect our representative to represent us, not self-serving.

    How about Donald J. Trump for Speaker? This will kill 20 birds with one stone, not to mention the Media’s heads exploding, Liberals heads exploding, Hollywood’s Hissy Fit and Democrats’ heads imploding.

  7. I am now non-affiliated due to morally decrepit repubs…in Colorado since 2098-09. No such standing… Christian conservative. If we are wishy-washy as Christian, we aren’t. Conservative is sometimes a Christian, sometimes not

  8. He is from California…a spineless rino. I go with 5 vote idea. just got rid of a California Speaker. Time for another part of USA to have the Chair.

  9. We need a Speaker who will promote and vote MAGA policies, We need to End the Pork Barrel policies utilized by both parties

  10. Charley oops I mean Kevin has already proved that he is way too ‘flexible’ for my personal tastes but since I am just a mere mortal my opinion carries little if any weight. If the reps are paying attention they need to pin him down and not let him squirm his way off the hook. Off hand I can’t think of too many that have enough spine to do so.

  11. I think it’s pretty obvious, that the leader of the House
    Now is very undesirably to the voters. I have to agree with the consensus! He’s a nice guy and a conservative, but has been in bed with the democrats at times. He is much too weak to be leader of any thing.


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