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Fox Host Hits Chris Christie With Brutally Honest Election Assessment

Maryland GovPics, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

This has to sting…

Fox host Stuart Varney did not shy away from telling former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie that he doubts the presidential candidate will succeed while discussing the upcoming debate.

Before adding his opinion on Christie’s electability, Varney asked the candidate to give some insight into the current debate stage.

“Of the people who are going to be on the debate stage less than two weeks away. Here’s your opportunity. Who do you think spews, if I may use that word, the most BS?” Varney asked.

“Well, Stuart, I’ll just base it on the last debate and it’s no doubt it’s Vivek Ramaswamy. He has absolutely no clue what he’s talking about on Ukraine. No idea what he’s talking about with China and Taiwan. He wants to abandon Israel. This is a guy who has read a lot of books but hasn’t done much. And so I think he wins the award from debate number one. But we’ll be together in California in two weeks. We can make a decision who spews the most in debate number two,” Christie asked.
“So you will make that decision, will not be me,” quipped Varney, asking, “You think you can win?”

“Of course,” Christie shot back.

“You have to believe you can win. But realistically, sir, I don’t think you could win the governorship of New Jersey at the moment,” Varney added, pressing the issue hard.

“Oh, look, I don’t. Well, I think given what Phil Murphy’s done, I think it could win the governorship of New Jersey again if I ran,” Christie replied, adding, “But that’s not what I’m running for. I’m running for president United States. Right now, we’re in second place in New Hampshire ahead of Ron DeSantis, ahead of Nikki Haley.”

“And that’s your big hope, isn’t it? Sure. Catch up in New Hampshire and Iowa. That’s your big hope,” Varney followed up.

“Yes. New Hampshire is where we’re staking a lot of our hopes and South Carolina. But remember, when each one of those primaries or caucuses happen, it changes the race completely where people actually vote as opposed to all the polling that we see. Polling is just hot air. Voting is when you go in and you make your voice heard. That’s what we’re counting on in New Hampshire in late January. And I’ll come right on Varney & Company after I win the New Hampshire primary. We can talk about it then,” Christie responded as the interview ended on a friendly note.


  1. Christie closed a public beach in New Jersey, then took his family there to enjoy the sun. Christie is a liar and a back-stabbing RINO.


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