Judge Rules Against Attempt to Try All Trump Georgia Defendants Together

    Gavel via Wikimedia Commons Image

    On Thursday, a Georgia state judge rejected District Attorney Fani Willis’ request to try all 19 defendants in the Georgia election interference case next month, dealing a significant blow to the infamous anti-Trump prosecutor.

    The Georgia judge’s ruling means former President Donald Trump will not be tried in October alongside at least two of his co-defendants who invoked their right to a speedy trial, according to The Hill.

    “The Court joins the skepticism expressed by several federal courts that denying severance always ensures efficiency, especially in ‘mega trials’ such as this,” Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee wrote in an order. 

    “[T]he Court finds sua sponte, without the need for any particularized showing from each defendant, that severance is an absolute necessity,” McAfee wrote. “Additional divisions of the  defendants may well be required. That is a decision for another day once the many anticipated pretrial motions have been resolved and a realistic trial date approaches.”

    Trump and his 18 co-defendants have all pleaded not guilty to the combined 41 charges they face. The former president has also made numerous attempts to have the trial delayed, arguing his team would not be ready for trial by October.

    Though Judge McAfee did not set a trial date for Trump, his ruling sets a motions deadline of Dec. 1

    Judge McAfee also ruled that defendants Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney Powell – the two defendants who invoked their right to a speedy trial last month – will be tried together.

    Chesebro had argued in court filings that he never met Powell, rendering it “impossible” to try their cases together.  

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