Fox News Cuts Off Navarro Press Conference, Issues Fact Check

    Looking east towards 6th Avenue along north (48th Street) side of Fox News building on a snowy afternoon. [Photo Credit: Jim.henderson, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons]

    On Tuesday, before Trump administration adviser Peter Navarro reported to prison Fox News unexpectedly cut away from the press conference to fact-check claims he was making.

    Navarro told reporters in Miami on Tuesday, “They can put me in prison; they can put you in prison.”

    “Make no mistake about that, and make no mistake about this: They are coming after Donald Trump with the same tactics, tools and strategies they used to put me over there today,” he continued.

    Navarro also claimed he was the “first senior White House adviser in the history of our republic that has ever been charged with this alleged crime.”

    As the network cut away from Navarro’s press conference, Fox anchor Sandra Smith said “to fact-check there. It is no longer an alleged crime that he’ll be serving this four-month sentence for.”

    “He has obviously been convicted, and there was no evidence that did … that would have excluded him, per executive privilege, from testifying,” she said.

    Navarro, 74, was convicted last year on two counts of contempt of Congress.



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