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Fox News Host Suggests Trump is Behind Leaked Audio Footage

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The plot thickens…

On Tuesday, Fox News host Steve Doocy suggested former President Trump may have been behind the leak of an audio recording showing Trump talking about his handling of classified documents.

In newly obtained audio former president Donald Trump can be heard discussing classified documents with people not cleared to have access to the highly sensitive information.

On Monday’s edition of Anderson Cooper 360, the host claimed that the audio from 2021, exposes Trump sharing US military war plans against Iran despite the former president telling Fox News host Bret Baier earlier this month that there was no such document. (RELATED: Trump Responds After New Audio Tapes Discussing Classified Docs Surface)

“You know what? If Trump thinks it’s an exoneration of him, perhaps somebody on his side actually did the leaking to CNN and Maggie Haberman,” Doocy said Tuesday morning.

“That makes sense,” co-host Brian Kilmeade chimed in.

“It does, actually,” Doocy said. “He’s admitting he’s got classified documents.”

Trump was federally indicted earlier this month in connection to his handling of classified documents. He said Monday night the audio is “actually an exoneration” and accused the Department of Justice of intentionally leaking the recording.

“The Deranged Special Prosecutor, Jack Smith, working in conjunction with the DOJ & FBI, illegally leaked and ‘spun’ a tape and transcript of me which is actually an exoneration, rather than what they would have you believe,” he said in a post on Truth Social


  1. They have to say something against President Trump or they are next to get fired. Big disappointment for these men who are now afraid to tell the truth. I guess money talks! Fox news is nothing but yes people who have become useless and cowards!


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