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McConnell Breaks From Trump On ‘Vilifying’ Biden

Mitch McConnell via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) notably diverged from former President Donald Trump’s harsh rhetoric toward President Joe Biden on Tuesday, calling the incumbent commander-in-chief a “good guy.”

The Kentucky Republican’s remarks stand in contrast to Trump’s persistent portrayal of Biden as a corrupt figure intent on manipulating elections and targeting political adversaries.

“I know Joe Biden pretty well. He’s a good guy; I like him personally,” McConnell shared with an audience in Louisville on Tuesday.

Despite stylistic differences with Trump, McConnell maintains there are significant policy-driven arguments for opposing Biden. Other Republicans are encouraging Trump to focus on Biden’s job performance rather than personal attacks tonight.

Moreover, McConnell remains critical of Biden’s policies. “I never thought he was moderate in the Senate, but he ran as a moderate,” he stated. “But as soon as the president got elected, he pretty much signed up with the far left of the Democratic Party, which has created another set of problems for all of you who are in business. This has been a regulatory nightmare by this administration.”

A Tactical Endorsement

On March 6, 2024, McConnell endorsed Trump for the upcoming presidential race. This endorsement followed Trump’s decisive victories on Super Tuesday, which solidified his position as the GOP front-runner. McConnell acknowledged the substantial support Trump had garnered from Republican voters, expressing his backing for Trump’s nomination in a strategic move to unite the party.

The Path Forward?

As the debate rapidly approaches, McConnell’s tempered tone towards Biden could offer Trump a blueprint for a more policy-focused campaign. By addressing Biden’s track record and regulatory policies, Trump might find a path to appeal to undecided voters and moderate Republicans, who McConnell seemed to be addressing.

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  1. Of course you like him you Democrat wannabee. You are the sorriest excuse for a Senator in Washington DC.

  2. No one who has canceled the United States’ southern border in order to REPLACE the American electorate with one more easily manipulated is a good guy. Of course, Republicans in Kentucky have a rather easier electoral road than most of us.


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