Must Watch: Trump Impersonates Biden Getting Lost On Stage

    Gage Skidmore Flickr

    You have to see this…

    Former President Donald Trump mockingly impersonated President Joe Biden getting lost on stage during a campaign stop in Las Vegas over the weekend

    Addressing the crowd, Trump said, “He can’t put two sentences together and he’s in charge of nuclear warfare. Oh My!”

    Trump suggested he would be able to jump off the stage while Biden would be “driving in circles,” not knowing where to go following a speech.

    Shuffling to the back of the stage, Trump put on an act depicting Biden walking into the wall, throwing up his hands in frustration, and then apparently realizing the exit was to his side

    As Trump did his shtick, the crowd in Las Vegas cheered.

    The teasing didn’t stop there, as Trump asked the audience to judge his nicknames for Biden: “Sleepy Joe Biden” or “Crooked Joe Biden.” It seemed “Crooked” won the room.



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