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Newsmax Host Delivers Blunt Assessment To Former VP Contender


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is in hot water over her recent book and it could cause a major dent in her career.

Noem’s new memoir No Going Back has sparked several controversies over its content, including an anecdote about Noem killing her 14-month-old dog and a story about the governor meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un which the Republican has yet to corroborate.

Interrogating Noem over the book on Newsmax’s Wake Up America, Rob Finnerty assessed that Donald Trump likely won’t invite the Republican to be his running mate due to the recent scandal.

Finnerty then said, “Governor, if you asked me a month ago who’s at the top of the list to run with Donald Trump, I would have said your name. If you asked me that same question this morning, I don’t even think you’re on the list.”

The host went on to say that the content within Noem’s book, specifically her allegedly fabricated meeting with Kim Jong-un, is likely what spoiled her chances of becoming Trump’s running mate.

“I should not have put that anecdote in the book,” conceded Noem, to which Finnerty shot back, “But an anecdote indicates that it happened, right?”

“I’m not going to talk about my conversations with world leaders,” Noem bluntly declared – a statement she has made repeatedly when pressed about the alleged meeting with Kim Jong-un.

Finnerty snapped, “Governor, I’m not asking you about the details of this alleged meeting. I’m asking if the meeting actually happened. I don’t think it did and I think if it did, you’d be able to confirm for me that, ‘Yes, it did, and here’s when it happened.’ It happened, say, at such and such a date or a month or you don’t have to be specific.”

After Noem refused yet again to say whether the alleged meeting actually took place, Finnerty continued, “Again, I think at one point you were at the top of that list, but you’re going to get questions a lot more difficult than that.”

Despite endorsing Noem’s book, Trump allegedly told several people he was “disgusted” by the governor’s anecdote about killing her 14-month-old dog Cricket in a gravel pit.

According to unnamed sources, Trump was baffled by Noem’s confession that she shot her dog after it proved “less than worthless” as a hunting dog and questioned, “Why would she do that?” and “What is wrong with her?”


  1. She was alone with two small children on a farm in South Dakota. Her dog comes into the area and viciously bites one of the small livestock and attempts to bite her, its master. What would pop into my head? Rabies ! There is lots of it around farmland.
    I don’t imagine there is a local vet to call. She may not have a car available to capture the dog. What would happen if the dog were to bite her while trying to confine it? I can’t confine the dog to the house, there are small children. I can’t allow the dog to run loose outside. If it is rabid, it could kill all my small livestock. What would be your options? If the dog is rabid then the kindest thing she could do for it would be to shoot it. It will eventually go mad. I’m an animal lover but I wouldn’t condemn her till I know all the facts.


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