Released DOJ Search Warrant For Trump’s Twitter Account Reveals Broader Investigation

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    Back in August, Department of Justice Special Counsel Jack Smith obtained a search warrant for former President Donald Trump’s X/Twitter account despite pushback from the social media giant.

    The initial resistance prompted a federal judge to hold the company in contempt and issue a $350,000 fine.

    Eventually, the social media company now known as X complied (after the court-ordered deadline) but was prohibited from telling Trump about it.

    An unsealed indictment revealed that Smith’s team cited Trump’s tweets while outlining his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

    But that’s not at, as Twitchy reports:

    More is now known about the warrant, and you might not be shocked to know this was about more than just Trump:

    These people are completely out of control:


    Republished with permission from American Liberty News.


    1. Not only will they keep hounding DJT but the latest ‘scheme’ they are pushing is to do the same thing to any/all who support him in any way. Why else would they ‘need’ emails and other supporting documents from ‘deplorables’?

    2. Why not sue the judge and doj for doing unprecedented over customary standards regarding outlandish charges which are not substantiated enough to even warrant charges filed. The judge and doj should have skin in this stupid, ridiculous game they are playing. They have judicial, ethical and lawful responsibilities regarding anyone charged with crimes. They are and should be investigated for unlawful decisions. They are currently acting as if they, themselves are not liable for any of their decisions.

    3. F*#K jack off smith and the ass hole judge in the biden! The dept of injustice should be destroyed! They all eat schitt! Go Trump! Pay the cocksuckers back in 2024!

    4. We’re becoming the Germany of the 1930s! What a total overreach of government! What is ironic is the DemocRATs are doing exactly what they are accusing Trump of.

    5. This is so wrong. Smith’s case is falling apart which is why he is trying to get more bogus, false evidence against Trump. None of this will hold up. Smith is a lawless thug who is a total disgrace & embarrassment to the profession he took an oath to uphold.

    6. god and his globalists and all his globalist puppets should be in prison; soros, biden crime family, zelensky crime family, clinton crime family, criminal media, altar boy raping demonrat priests and all his CRIMINAL organizations that make gods hell on earth for all good people; doj, fbi, cdc, irs, usps, atf, ss, cia, tsa, fisa, hud, fda, fcc, fema, un, nato etc .

    7. Please adjust how you refer to this political party. The “DEMOCRATIC” party is far from democratic. Sadly many Americans are confused by the name the Democrats use. Call them only the “DEMOCRAT” party. The Republican Party works to protect the REPUBLIC. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE.
      Pass this on. It will drive the Democrats crazy.


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