Report: Judge Considers 4 More Gag Order Violations Against Trump

    Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    The judge overseeing former President Trump’s hush money case will begin the trial Thursday by holding a hearing to consider four more potential violations of a gag order imposed on the former President.

    Trump was already found in contempt of the gag order on Tuesday, where the judge found him in violation for nine separate online posts attacking witnesses, potential jurors in the case. Judge Merchan fined the former President nearly $10,000.

    Prosecutors now say Trump violated his gag order an additional four times.

    Here are the four statements at issue:

    1 – Courthouse hallway statement

    The first statement at issue is one Trump gave to the cameras in the hallway outside the courtroom on April 22.

    “When are they going to look at all the lies that Cohen did in the last trial?,” Trump said, referring to his ex-fixer, Michael Cohen, who is expected to be prosecutors’ star witness.

    “He got caught lying in the last trial. So he got caught lying, pure lying. And when are they going to look at that?”

    2 – Real America’s Voice interview

    After court concluded that day, Trump in the evening gave an interview to conservative channel Real America’s Voice and took aim at jurors.

    “That jury was picked so fast – 95% Democrats,” Trump said. “The area’s mostly all Democrat. You think of it as a – just a purely Democrat area. It’s a very unfair situation, that I can tell you.”

    3 – Local ABC station interview

    The next day, Trump conducted a roughly 12-minute interview with the local ABC affiliate in Philadelphia, when the former president went after Cohen and ex-National Enquirer Publisher David Pecker, who was testifying that day.

    Michael Cohen is a convicted liar and he’s got no credibility whatsoever,” Trump said of his ex-fixer.

    As for the other witness, Trump said moments later, “David Pecker, I don’t know exactly what he’s going to be testifying against but or about, but he’ll be testifying today.”

    4 – Surprise campaign event

    Before coming to court last Thursday, Trump stopped at a construction site in Manhattan, turning it into a campaign stop. He again was asked about Pecker, who hadn’t yet concluded his testimony:

    “He’s been very nice. I mean, he’s been – David’s been very nice. A nice guy,” Trump said.



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