Report: Trump Leading In 6 Swing States


    It’s the economy, stupid…

    The latest Bloomberg News/Morning Consult survey shows former President Donald Trump leading his successor in six of seven all-important swing states.

    Responses from a substantial sample of around 5,000 registered voters reveal Trump leading in Arizona (49% to 42%), Georgia (49% to 43%), Nevada (51% to 43%), North Carolina (51% to 41%), Pennsylvania (47% to 46%) and Wisconsin (48% to 44%). The poll shows President Biden leads Trump by 2 points in Michigan (47% to 45%).

    Seventy percent of respondents said the economy was heading in an unfavorable direction. A further 82% said the state of the economy would be of “great importance” in influencing their vote.

    America’s News Desk breaks down the results even further:

    Additionally, 54% of Americans hold the belief that inflation will worsen by the end of the year, while 17% are of the opinion that it will improve.

    Under the Biden administration, inflation has persisted at a high level, resulting in consumers facing increased costs for essential items such as food and gasoline.

    Last month, a political action group supporting Trump unveiled a website called “Biden-Mart” that focuses on the significant rise in food costs.

    Deep economic pessimism and Biden’s inverted favorability ratings more than make up for Trump’s 43.4% average favorability rating, according to the latest polls.

    Article Published With The Permission of American Liberty News.



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