Republican Billionaire Says Trump Failed To Meet ‘Low Expectations’

    Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

    During a recent interview high-profile Republican billionaire Peter Theil said he was disappointed by former President Trump’s time in office.

    During an interview with The Atlantic’s Barton Gellman, Thiel said “voting for Trump was like a not very articulate scream for help,” which he hoped would change the country for the better but ultimately he was left disappointed.

    “There are a lot of things I got wrong,” Thiel told Gellman. “It was crazier than I thought. It was more dangerous than I thought. They couldn’t get the most basic pieces of the government to work. So that was—I think that part was maybe worse than even my low expectations.”

    Thiel, who financially backed Trump in 2016, also told Glemman he recently received a call from Trump over his refusal to contribute to his latest campaign. Trump reportedly told Theil “he was very sad” and “had expected way more” from the Republican businessman.

    “Months later, word got back to Thiel that Trump had called [Blake] Masters to discourage him from running for Senate again, and had called Thiel a ‘fucking scumbag,’” Gellman reported, adding that Thiel no longer wanted to make any donations to Republican candidates in the near future.

    Thiel told Gellman, “There’s always a chance I might change my mind. But by talking to you, it makes it hard for me to change my mind. My husband doesn’t want me to give them any more money, and he’s right. I know they’re going to be pestering me like crazy. And by talking to you, it’s going to lock me out of the cycle for 2024.”

    Thiel also called Trump’s attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election “not helpful,” and reportedly told Gellman that while Trump “did not turn out to be the revolutionary Thiel had hoped he might be,” he would not “refashion himself a Never Trumper in retrospect.”

    While the Republican billionaire has sworn off contributing to political candidates in the immediate future, Theil did express his support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in May.


    1. Theil can just sit on his bony ass while the country continues to die. He may be rich but as we all know jackasses come in the flavor of rich and poor. He’ll just pretend the current and potentially future Democrat Administration is doing a wonderful job. Trump accomplished more pre Covid than any Presidents in nearly a century. The pandemic madness would have been far worse under Biden. Every part of our country improved under Trump and the opposite is true under Biden and we have the statistics to prove it. .

    2. Sometimes it boggles my mind of those who have money that cannot see the forest through the trees. Mr. & Mrs. Thiel, if you became President of the United States, and had that many liars, thieves and cheaters surrounding you, do you think that you would have done a better job than Trump? You claim your a Republican, if you are, then you already know that fighting Democrats, Lobbyists, Rino’s, a lying corrupt Speaker of the house, that impeached Trump twice, and was surrounded by money of billionaires who wanted to take any power that he might of had, away from him. They almost succeeded.
      The evening of the 2019 election in November was a horrible night for every voter across the land. Trump did win and I’ll tell you why I know this to be fact. I didn’t go to bed, I didn’t leave the couch, I prayed through the whole thing. I didn’t watch Fox, they had already deemed Trump was losing. They were setting the stage. I watched OAN a trust worthy news media. As the commentator and his team were discussing how Trump was so far in the lead, that there was no chance that Biden won. I too agreed. You could see the numbers and there were only numbers trickling in except for the 7 blue states. The commentator turned his head to speak to his team, and that was when I saw the numbers flip. Biden was now winning and Trump was losing. In a nano second the numbers actually flipped! I was screaming at the TV, no one could hear me. The Commentator turned to look back at the numbers and said, what the heck, just happened?!!! They made a few more comments, we who were watching all saw the same thing. Then we were told that the polls were shutting down, so the teams could take a nap.. Ummmm, Mr. Thiel, when in your lifetime has that ever happened in a national election? I’ll tell you when, never! I’m 72, and have been apart of a lot of elections, never, never has this happened. Fox News was already calling it that Biden won, yet, no real numbers were coming out of the Blue states and remember they shut down to take a long winters nap. The poll workers went home and out came suitcases, trucks backing up to polling places. Ballots appear out of nowhere, etc, etc.
      In good conscience you cannot tell me that Biden Won? Follow the money, follow the machines, follow the pollsters, follow the post offices, follow ballot boxes. Follow every video tape, every remark made by Biden, and others, follow the Democratic Party, follow Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, follow the puppet masters that pull their strings. Everyone has a boss, including Clinton and Obama. Follow our enemies of this country!! When you’ve done all of that, throughly, then tell me what you’ve come up with. It will not be that Trump lost, it will not be that Biden won by a landslide… It will be, our country is in trouble and we have a lot of communists, Marxists, and double dealing, lying people that didn’t want to get caught stealing from the American people. That would also include you and your wife! Whether theft of your vote or your tax dollars, theft is theft!
      I’m not sorry I wrote this! It’s the truth, as I know it!

    3. …Peter Thiel was disappointed by former President Trump’s time in office. Hmmmm…. It would be nice to know what Mr. Theil expected. Meanwhile, billionaire Democrat Chamath Palihapitiya recently gave concrete examples on his podcast of why he DOES appreciate what Trump WAS able to do:
      The work on the border wall, we didn’t like the messenger, so we killed the message. Turned out it was right. Issuing long-term debt to refinance when rates were at zero. We didn’t like the messenger, so we killed the message. Peace in the Middle East. We didn’t like the messenger, so we killed the message. When are we gonna stop shooting ourselves in the foot?
      Chamath also stated his opinion that TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME did more damage than Trump ever did.
      So why is Thiel disappointed? Probably has more to do with Trump’s policies directed at Middle Class Americans to give them a chance to thrive in the global economy; tariffs on China to punish their mercantile trade practices; immigration control to raise US Citizen labor rates; blasting the Federal Reserve for making a mockery of the US Dollar, etc., etc.. These policies will NOT line Peter Thiel’s pockets and NOT improve Peter Thiel’s opportunity to make good deals with globalists. This seems to be a better explanation for his disappointment. Nothing says he’s backing globalism over the American middle class better than taking an interview with The Atlantic magazine and criticizing Trump. Peter — I thought you were one of the good guys!

    4. There is a Billionaires Boys Cub of which most of the worlds billionaire members out of cowardice join going go along with the WEF.
      Thiel not officially joining the WEF will not support Trump, hoping the WEF will leave he and his family …alone?…has he been threatened? His smarmy reasons for not supporting Trump show Thiel to be a coward and a traitor to the Republic …overall it seems Thiel seriously hopes the WEF will not hurt him or his family?


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