Rush Limbaugh’s Widow Reveals Last Way He ‘Tweaked the Media’

    The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

    Rush Limbaugh is sticking it to liberals even beyond the grave.

    Kathryn Adams Limbaugh, the widow of conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh confirmed to Glenn Beck that his death certificate reads his occupation as “Radio’s Greatest of All Time.”

    “[It was] another thing we wanted to do in a way to tweak the media as a final goodbye from Rush, which we know he certainly would have loved,” she said. “But someone put that through, ironically.”

    Limbaugh also described her late husband as someone who “was so humble.”

    “He had the biggest heart,” she said. “He was so sincere. He never forgot the little guy.”

    Later in the interview, Beck asked if Sir Elton John, who is known to support Democrats, was aware when he performed at her 2010 wedding that the groom was the conservative radio host. Ms. Limbaugh shared that she belives the two men regardless of their opposite ideological differences were actually very similar.

    “This may be breaking news, but I believe that Sir Elton John and Rush are actually very, very similar. They had quite a similar demeanor off of their performance personality. I believe that they both were so hard-working. They both were at the top of their game, so to speak. They both loved their audience,” Kathryn Limbaugh added. “So in many respects, they were very similar.”

    Rush Limbaugh passed away last February following a battle with lung cancer.


    1. In a world crawling with political deception, intrigue and gaslighting, the Maha Rushi’s voice was a refreshing infusion of TRUTH and hope.

    2. He was the best at the mic on radio.
      He with one arm tied behind his back woke up all
      true thinkers and brought out the fight in us to
      make things better in this country with just good
      old common sence.
      I really do miss his voice of reason!


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