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New York Gubernatorial Candidate Under Investigation

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New York Republican gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin has been targeted in a new investigation less than two weeks before the midterm elections.

Zeldin is under investigation by the State Board of Elections over allegations that he coordinated with two super PACs supporting his campaign, according to The Hill.

Michael Johnson, the chief enforcement counsel of the New York State Board of Elections, opened a preliminary investigation into Zeldin’s campaign after the allegations emerged.

Johnson is now seeking subpoena authority from the State Board of Elections to compel cooperation with his investigation, according to the Times. 

However, he was stymied when two Republican members of the board unexpectedly missed a business meeting on Tuesday, preventing the board from reaching a quorum to vote on the subpoena issue and likely delaying the issue until after the election, per the Times.

The Albany Times-Union first reported in mid-October that there were several overlaps between Zeldin’s campaign and two super PACs supporting him — Safe Together New York and Save Our State New York.

Days later, the New York State Democratic Party filed a complaint against Zeldin’s campaign over the alleged super PAC. Super PACs are legally allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to advocate for or against candidates but are barred from coordinating with the candidates they benefit.

Zeldin has been rapidly closing the gap against New York Gov. Kathy Hochul in recent weeks.


  1. And isn’t it a bit strange that nothing untoward is directed at the dishonest person running against him and for abortion up to the moment of birth? Dems will do anything to keep power, anything except be honest and moral. Go Red Wave

    • Not only abortion. They are very adamant that they want to ensure that children get their genders “changed” so that they will be unable to reproduce. Worse, it will lead to more suicides and criminal activities due to brainwashing of the young.

  2. President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain was notified he violated the Hatch Act in May but the Office of Special Counsel (OSC).

    According to The Daily Wire, the OSC responded to the violation in a letter to America First Legal Foundation’s vice president and general counsel, Gene Hamilton, who filed the complaint in June.

    “Although OSC has concluded that Mr. Klain violated the Hatch Act, as explained below, we have decided not to pursue disciplinary action and instead issued him a warning letter,” Ana Galindo-Marrone, chief of the Hatch Act Unit at the OSC, wrote.

    “OSC confirmed that Mr. Klain retweeted a May 22, 2022 message from Strike PAC (@StrikePAC) from his official Twitter account (@WHCOS). The tweet read, ‘Operation Fly Formula delivers 70,000 pounds of infant formula for American mothers and their infants. Thank you @POTUS.’ The tweet also read, ‘Get your Democrats Deliver merch today!’ and included a link to Strike PAC’s online store and an image of the group’s ‘Democrats Deliver’ t-shirt,” she wrote.

    Strike PAC is a partisan political group that supports the Democratic Party. In the letter, Galindo-Marrone also noted that Klain promptly removed the tweet from his account after being notified of the violation.

    “Although OSC has concluded that Mr. Klain violated the Hatch Act, we understand that he promptly removed the retweet upon being notified of this complaint,” the letter read.

    “Accordingly, we have decided not to pursue disciplinary action and will close this matter. Mr. Klain has been warned that if in the future he engages in activity prohibited by the Hatch Act while employed in a covered position, OSC would consider such activity to be a willful and knowing violation of the law that could result in disciplinary action,” the letter concluded.

  3. There is too much stuff to try and bury on Hunter Biden. I hope it will open up people`s minds to Democrat and Republican candidates. It would have changed the outcome of the last presidential elections. Whatever your party background we have to get this band of grifters out of politics. The only way to get back to some kind of normal is to vote completely Republican. GOD bless America.
    This gas and oil situation is criminal. It could very well mean China and Russia driving tanks across our southern border. We have no gas and oil Biden has depleted our supply. The EV is ahead of its time. There are generators right now that can supply the EV. The only thing that would need changing is the driver. No electrical stations or home plug-ins to charge a battery. The regular battery in cars would be enough for the extras such as a cigarette lighter etc. The elites were ahead of themselves. There is no money in it because there is nothing to monitor or put on a meter. The world`s economy is based on oil They have had electric cars at the drag strips 20 years ago that would go 300 MPH.

  4. A little suspicious in a Blue state at election time. Why hasn’t the GOP warned Pelosi about violation of the Hatch act? GOP needs to get itself together and ban Cheney and other turncoats like Pence.

  5. Don’t worry; even after he gets elected, there will be committees and investigations into his actions (mostly false flags). The idea has been taken from the Democrats’ playbook of constantly accusing President Trump of wrongdoing, and it seems to have worked for them so far. So why not at a lower level? I believe that is their sole purpose.

  6. This investigation is the standard operating procedure for NY Democrats. The Democrats coined the term “October Surprise” for dirty tricks deployed right before the election, leaving not enough time to set the record straight. It is noteworthy that the Republicans, the American Hospice Party, agreed not to open investigations or indict Democrats within 90 days of an election. The Democrats must have never agreed, or ignored any agreement since there are never any consequences for them for breached agreements, breached contracts, or breached laws.

    The Democrats, if elected, will eviscerate the Constitution in the same way the Soviet Union eviscerated theirs. Then, they held it up as an example of virtue signaling and then paid no attention to it. That is what the Democratic Left is doing now. Obama is Stalin, Garland is Beria, Alejandro Mayorkas is Yuri Andropov (or Putin). As a result, the Federal Government adopted ever more Stalinist policies with less resistance than Stalin encountered in the Soviet Union.

  7. Gotham City, and it’s dumbocrap criminals, trying to destroy someone’s reputation, spreading,their propaganda and bullshit.Lee Zeldin will win even with u all trying to cheat him out of the race. Good will win over evil.

  8. crooked democrats always pull a stunt before every election. bthey cant win on their own merits these criminals should be sued and locked up!


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