Star Witness Michael Cohen Admits He Wanted Top Role In Trump Admin.

    Gage Skidmore Flickr

    On Thursday, former Donald Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen admitted he would have liked to have been considered to fill the role of chief of staff during the Trump Administration.

    Cohen, who testified Thursday that he was offered a role in the White House, said he didn’t want to go to the White House and rather wanted to serve as Trump’s personal attorney.

    When asked if he wanted to work in the White House, Cohen responded, “No sir.”

    Trump’s lawyer Todd Blanche asked Cohen if the truth is that he really wanted to work in the White House. Cohen responded, “No sir.”

    Blanche then asked Cohen if he had hoped to be named the White House chief of staff, to which he denied.

    Blanche then outlined several conversations Cohen had with other individuals, including his daughter, about the possibility of serving as chief of staff under Trump.

    Cohen, who testified that he spoke with Trump about serving as his personal attorney, said he wanted a hybrid position, one with access to Trump but not considered a White House employee.


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