Hannity Backs Biden’s Plan To Cut Mics At Debates To Curtail Trump’s Aggression

    The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

    Shortly before Joe Biden and Donald Trump agreed to presidential debates in June and September on Wednesday morning, Sean Hannity appeared on “Fox & Friends” to hail the incumbent president’s unexpected proposal for a debate as “excellent news.”

    Hannity even backed Biden’s suggestion to mute a candidate’s microphone if they aren’t answering a question. The Fox News host argued that this would reduce Trump’s “aggressiveness.” Hannity maintained that Trump’s combative behavior and taunting during the first 2020 debate with Biden likely hurt him.

    He expects that this time will be different. Addressing the new format, Hannity said, “This will put rails in place so that one person talks at a time, and the more Joe talks, I think the worse he does.”

    “I think Donald Trump will wipe the floor with him, and I don’t care if we get the State of the Union jacked up Joe with caffeine, Red Bull, or whatever, or we get regular Joe that could barely walk off the stage last night.”

    As Mediaite reports:

    In a video posted to social media on Wednesday, Biden needled Trump over his ongoing criminal trial in Manhattan and said he beat him in two debates in 2020.

    “Make my day, pal,” the president said.

    Trump responded to Biden’s proposal by accepting on Truth Social and calling Biden the “worst debater I have ever faced.”

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