Trump Slams Fox News For Hosting ‘Lunatic’ RFK Jr.

    Image via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    Former President Donald Trump harshly criticized Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Fox News after Jesse Watters interviewed Kennedy on Wednesday evening.

    “So bad that FoxNews [sic] puts RFK Jr., considered the dumbest member of the Kennedy Clan, on their fairly conservative platform so much. Competitive networks don’t want anything to do with him. He’s a Radical Left Lunatic whose crazy Climate Change views make the Democrat’s Green New Scam look Conservative. He’s polling badly, 8% at best, but says he does well against Crooked Joe and me, one on one. WRONG, he gets trounced!” Trump posted on Truth Social.

    “Junior said I’m the ‘best debater’ in generations, and I want to debate him, and Crooked, but first he’s got to get his bad poll numbers up – a lot! He would be ‘easy pickins,’” Trump boasted.

    “With all of that said, he probably hurts Sleepy Crooked Joe more than ‘US!’”

    A recent survey from Emerson College suggests that Kennedy’s presence has benefited Trump’s campaign and harmed Biden’s, eroding the latter’s support in several crucial swing states.

    Nevertheless, Trump and his supporters have increased their criticism of Kennedy’s campaign, indicating concerns on both sides about his impact.

    Trump posted repeatedly about Kennedy on Truth Social following his appearance on “Real Time With Bill Maher” on HBO.

    The former president accused Kennedy of being a “plant” to help Biden win reelection and claimed that voting for him would be a “WASTED PROTEST VOTE,” which could “swing either way.”

    Article Published With The Permission of American Liberty News.



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