Trump Suggests CNN ‘Go Conservative’ Offers to Help Squash Fox News

    CNN Headquarters via Wikimedia Commons

    Former President Trump is reigniting his feud with Fox News. Over the weekend Trump called out the right-leaning cable news network for “pushing Democrats and the Democrat agenda” on TRUTH Social. However, while Trump is no stranger to fighting with Fox News his next message is what truly surprised his supporters.

    Trump suggested that far-left news network CNN, which is in the midst of a massive re-branding under new President Chris Licht, “go conservative” and he even offered to help. In his TRUTH message, Trump said the move rightward would likely be a “goldmine” for CNN, but that doesn’t mean Licht is ready to take any business advice from Trump.

    According to Mediaite:

    Wow! Fox News is really pushing the Democrats and the Democrat agenda. Gets worse every single day. So many Dems interviewed with only softball questions, then Republican counterparts get creamed. RINO Karl Rove is unwatchable, very negative, and on all the time – Has a big record of losing! Not an easy place to be as a Republican, especially with all of the “pervert” purchased ads. If “low ratings” CNN ever went Conservative, they would be an absolute gold mine, and I would help them to do so!

    Trump’s taking issue with “RINO Karl Rove” is nothing new. His openly calling out the programming of Fox News isn’t new either. However, it comes at a time when Fox News’s editorial hand is being somewhat forced by President Joe Biden’s Thursday night speech that called out the extremist nature of MAGA Republicans.

    Fox News opinion programming will need to decide whether they are throwing in with the MAGA side of the GOP or will be more interested in a more traditional Republican platform and personality. We know what Trump and his followers want, but the decision will likely come from following what presents a bigger audience and greater revenue windfall.


    1. Very interesting business proposition. Will CNN understand it only time will tell. Even though CNN is going through a staff change that put CNN in the dumps, its very difficult to get a Reputation back.

    2. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. This is not to promote public assholery, to which a multitude of Dimocrats must plead “Guilty”. And further not to ignore some few Republicans are working that street too.

    3. We all know about the early reporting from FOX during the election and now it seems they have put Trump on the back burner, igniting the feud. So I think his idea might not be so bad. None of the conservative main stream news is exactly a match for the style of “news” that CNN specialized in, but if Trump is suggesting perhaps the right needs a no holds barred propaganda rag to ride roughshod over CNBC, ABC, NBC and the rest of the alphabet networks, well maybe that is something to consider. They have shown that they have had the expertise in the past.


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