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Ex-NYPD Cop Accuses Department of Firing Him Over Support for ‘MAGA Ideals’

Anthony Quintano, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

A former New York Police Department officer has accused the department of violating his First Amendment rights after being fired over of his support for “MAGA ideals” according to a new lawsuit filed in Brooklyn’s Federal Court.

Salvatore Greco, says he lost his job because of his right-wing political stance and also accused the NYPD of weaponizing his interpersonal relationships with former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone and Kristin Davis. Greco was filmed attending the Jan. 6th rally however was never accused of entering the capitol building or committing any violence and he was not wearing his badge or carrying a weapon.

The Hill reports:

“Unfortunately, Mr. Greco’s case is not unusual in that the department has been engaging in these sorts of ‘political viewpoint’ hit jobs for more than forty (40) years. With these legal claims, Mr. Greco intends to shed light on the institutional problem and hold the city and the other defendants accountable for these actions,” said lawyer Eric Sanders in a statement.

In January 2021, the suit alleges Internal Affairs received an anonymous letter saying Greco and another cop attended the riots at Capitol Hill and “these officers want to have a civil war in America.” The Bureau launched an investigation and reviewed Greco’s phone, social media, and other personal accounts and eventually filed departmental charges in April, according to the filing.

The NYPD accused the former cop of “wrongfully and knowingly associating with persons, Roger Jason Stone, Jr., and Kristin M. Davis, reasonably believed to be engaged in, likely to engage in, or to have engaged in criminal activities,” the suit said.

In his court filing, Mr. Greco accuses the department of using an overly broad statement as a justification for his termination.

“This rule is ‘overbroad’ and its application is in contravention of the First Amendment and must be stricken,” says the court filing.

“The action taken against me has cost me my reputation, my job, and my life savings,” Greco said in a statement.”


  1. Stop trying to be a communist Country democrats,democrats raise their right hand take an oath to defend our Constitution, yet they spend most of their time trying to destroy, its’time for traitors and oath breakers to be voted out of office,some need time in jail for review their lost American values.

    • All it take is a spark to start a fire. Does it matter if its a one time event? if they violate an individual Constitutional right its wrong. What bothers me is the NYPD should know the laws especially Constitutional law. Since when are you “guilty” by association? Unless proven beyond a doubt. The problem with the broad sham J6 is there were millions of people who attended but they only can round up a few for the show and the ones they really need to round up like the ones close to capitol “initiators of encouraging the damage” set up got off scot free even a murder that shot Babbitt! Its sad today that the only push back is to sue these rogue departments. What do these un-American characters think we just going to stand around and that this crap!

  2. Every day the left wingers prove to us why we need to purge every democrat from our government, at all levels, while we still can. They are trying to destroy our constitutional republic so they can install their version of a socialist government, with them in power of course. These next two Novembers may be our last chance to drive them all out of power, after that we may not be able to do that with just a vote, it may take that second American revolution that people have been talking about for a number of years now.

  3. My sainted Mother used to say: ‘There’s the reason they GIVE, and then there’s the REAL reason.’ If I were a NY Republican, I;d sure as hell get out of NYC pronto, before the city is nuked by all the enemies the insane, traitorous DemonCrats are so boldly encouraging.


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