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Hawaii Narrowly Advances Bill To Boot Trump From Ballot

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Donald Trump could be facing trouble in Hawaii.

On Wednesday, the Hawaii State Senate Judiciary Committee approved Senate Bill 2392 by a single vote, moving the bill to the full floor, HawaiiNewsNow reported. The proposal would place the decision to potentially disqualify Trump under the chief elections officer.

Advocates for the bill claimed Trump’s involvement in the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, amounted to an insurrection that should bar him from running for the presidency.

Despite the bill clearing the procedural hurdle, the bill’s critics have been more outspoken than its supporters. According to HawaiiNewsNow, the bill drew over 300 complaints or negative testimonies, with only about 20 favoring it.

“This is tyrannical, to say the least,” said Jamie Detwiler, a resident who testified ahead of the vote, per the report. “He has not been convicted nor has he been charged with insurrection (cheers) there is no evidence of committing insurrection so please don’t waste our time on this poorly written piece of legislation.”

According to Fox News, Hawaii does not have a legal process to exempt candidates from the ballot or disqualify them from appearing, the bill would establish that process.

A description of the bill says it “specifies that election ballots issued by the chief election officer or county clerk shall exclude any candidate who is disqualified by a constitutional or statutory provision.”

It also “provides for a process for challenging an inclusion or exclusion of a candidate from a ballot. Includes a candidate’s disqualification as grounds for an election contest complaint. Specifies that electors of presidential and vice presidential candidates shall not be individuals who are disqualified by a constitutional or statutory provision. Prohibits electors from voting for any presidential or vice presidential nominee who has been disqualified pursuant to Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.”

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  1. The powers to be behind keeping Trump of the ballot in Hawaii will all go to GITMO just like the four Colorado State Supreme Court Justices that did the same thing were arrested and taken to GITMO>

  2. Hawaii State Senate Judiciary Committee approved Senate Bill 2392 — but guess what, they have no judicial power to enact the 14th Amendment. Only Congress can enact the 14th Amendment and Congress cleared Trump of any and all Insurrection accusations and Trump has never been charged with Insurrection. So kids of the Hawaii State Senate Judiciary Committee, youR bill is NULL & VOID…USELESS! BUT REMEMBER BLUE STATES, IF YOU REMOVE A CANDIDATE FROM ELECTIONS, THAT IS ELECTION INTERFERENCE AND STRIPPING YOUR TAXPAYERS OF THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE, GRANTED TO THEM THROUGH THE CONSTITUTION. ALSO, RED STATES CAN PLAY THIS GAME ALSO AND REMOVE WHOMEVER THEY WANT FROM THE BALLOT. WHAT IS GOOD FOR THEE IS GOOD FOR ME ALSO!!!


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