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House Holds Second House Speaker Vote

Jim Jordan via Gage Skidmore Flickr

On Tuesday, the 118th Congress held its second vote to determine who will serve as the next House Speaker.

The day’s second vote also ended in a stalemate after Kevin McCarthy once again fell short of securing 218 votes to become Speaker.

19 hardline Republicans voted for Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, and Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries received 213 votes.

McCarthy received 203 votes during the second round of voting. The California Republican received 203 votes during the first round of voting

Rep. Jordan has yet to publicly comment on his nomination for Speaker. There is no historical precedent for a nominee to withdraw.

During the first round of voting Rep. Jordan nominated Rep. McCarthy for Speaker.

Jordan acknowledged that he and McCarthy “haven’t always agreed on everything,” but he said, “I like his fight. I like his tenacity.”

“We need to rally around him,” Jordan said as he outlined the priorities for the 118th Congress. Those priorities include passing bills that “fix the problems” related to immigration, energy policy, education policy and inflation; prevent massive spending packages from getting through; and conducting oversight and investigations.

“That’s what the American people want us to do. They want us to fight for the things they care about, and they elected us to do,” Jordan said. “We should all remember — only about 12,000 people have ever had the opportunity to do what we’re doing today — sit in this body, serve in this Congress.”

He added: “It is a privilege. It is an opportunity. We owe it to them, the American people, the good people of this great country to step forward, to come together, get a speaker elected so we can address these three things.”

Moments later Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) nominated Jordan, the expected

As Great America News Desk previously reported:

Kevin McCarthy, R- Calif., Andy Biggs D- Ariz., and Hakeen Jeffries D- N.Y. were nominated for the position but ultimately the vote ended in a stalemate as the California Republican failed to reach the 218 vote threshold. No nominee reached the required number of votes meaning House lawmakers now will engage in round after round of voting until a Speaker is elected.

According to The Hill, in the event of multiple ballots, the House will not necessarily continue late into the night. The last time there were multiple ballots, the House adjourned until the following day after four failed ballots. Adjourning also allows members time to negotiate and strike deals.

Dire circumstances could lead to unusual procedures. Twice before, in 1849 and 1856, the House agreed to a resolution that allowed a Speaker to be elected by a plurality. That move was something of a last resort, though, and came after 59 and 129 failed ballots. A majority of the whole House would need to agree to that resolution.

McCarthy’s failure to secure the Speaker’s gavel during Tuesday’s vote marks the first time in a century the U.S. House of Representatives has gone to multiple votes for the office.


  1. McCarthy better be smart & give in to the reasonable demands of the Repub. Conservative holdouts . His offered compromise on the ” motion to vacate ” was a reasonable & good one , however . Maybe each needs to just give a little , but something has to be done about the ‘” drunken sailor ” Budgets !!

  2. Jordan is much better than McCarthy but is he a real fighter or just talk, but won’t do the walk? We need a fighter for this Country our Constitution as Written ,and really stop the destruction of America, by getting term limits, not allowing anyone that is not American Born in government,state and federal I would like to see must be 3 rd generation American before able to work in government state and state federal, and the ability to fire any and all government officials that doesn’t do what is good for the Country, and fired prosecuted immediately if any officials, Change, Twist, Distort, Ignore, Our Constitution as Written, for all form of Treason High Treason Firing Squad immediately 1st obama, 2cd biden

  3. Lucy, you stole my thunder and I agree. It is so critical that we have a speaker that will fight and stop the flagrant destruction of our country. There are too many lazy members and we do need term limits and voting reform!!

  4. These Idiotic RINOS are handing the House back to DEMORATS after all the work the GOP has done. They are nothing but spoiled CHILDISH A$$HOLES. It is clear they want the current demented OLD FART to still be guiding this once great nation. I trust their constituents are burning up the phone lines reminding this NERTHANDEALS that they face re-election in 18 months. As Sen. John Kennedy(LA) says their IQ is just North of Room Temperature !!!!

  5. Jordan seems like a knowledgeable.reasonable person with many admirable qualities including toughness.
    i getting tired of listening to the words FIGHTER and FIGHTING.
    Hard work,tact and perseverance are the ingredients of success both domestically and internationally
    We must keep our eye on the ball and on our goals.
    The animosity towards the republicans is well warranted–but we can’t allow them to be our mission
    The American people are tiring of the continual bickering between parties and will welcome an attempt to return to some degree of normalcy.

  6. McCarthy has a lousy record as minority leader for contesting the swamp/Dems – they always got what they wanted and he never seemed to apologize for the poor representation of conservatives. JimJordan was
    a great fighter for us during all the Dem shenanigans against anyone trying to remove our rights in the Constitution, always knew his homework, and was able to present the view properly, defend whoever
    being wrongfully being tried, etc. The Dems want a one party system – communism/socialism, and are not
    able to see the danger in doing that; they are unAmerican. We must not allow them to divide and conquer
    Better to dump McCarthy and go for term limits – this may be the only opportunity to do that before we lose the Republic.

  7. Jordan would be a good Speaker, but no matter how many votes are taken, dont lose out to another Dem as Speaker, as the last one was the worst ever. C’mon Repubs, get together and use your advantage wisely.

  8. McCarthy is all talk but when the moment comes he will fold. Jim Jordan would be my choice but who knows with our dysfunctional government we have. Just think about this. We have a demented moron in the White House controlled by Obummer and a Senate full of RINO’s. We have no shot.

  9. I am reading and listening to all the Bull-Crap that is being created from this sham appointment of a SOH for the Republican party. I believe there are
    more Rhinos than anyone knows and this is a play to install either a puppet speaker or F*(k it up so the Democrats again control the house. All this
    talk and fighting is scripted. Their are a few exceptional figures that could do the job, but they for some reason are pushing Macarthy who is a deep seated
    Rhino. He proved this when the Jan 6, Red Flag was created by the Dems and Rhinos, what did he do? He told Trump to resign, he lied about aspects of the
    fake uprising and did not defend the President. You can see it in his face, he is probably as bad as MConnel but hides it better. Well if his SOH, and MConnel is the leader of the Senate we are in trouble. The fighters like JOHN KENNEDY, JORDAN, RAND PAUL, and others should be in the leadership positions for both houses. Don’t be fooled this is another diversion, WHY?? Would they even let a Dem come close to the SOH? We as Patriots are not stupid, these talking heads are pulling something, I’m not sure what, but something is wrong.

  10. If these Republicans mess around and let a DEMOCRAT take the Speakership, then the LOT of them who let this happen should be THROWN OUT of Congress! SMH

  11. Think about this; If the Speaker of the House is a Dem, and Joe and Kamala step down for some reason in their offices, ‘Who becomes the President”?
    Hakeem, hates Trumpers, is deep state and would continue to destroy America. Why haven’t we seen any coments on this scenario? Things are happening right now at this moment that could change the direction to communism in a flash. Hakeem is unknown just like Obama, he is
    dedicated to destroy our way of life. Forget Investigations on Child Traffiking, forget Hunter investigations, forget about tighting up the Boarder, all
    this will do is allow Dem’s supreme power, why did Getz, and others say they would rather have Hakeem as speaker of the house instead of Macarthy?

  12. We the people voted the Dems out. They are crooks and do not care for the American
    people nor America. That means Hakeem also. He should be out of our government completely.

    We voted the Republicans in; now Republicans cannot even unite on this one thing.
    That angers me. Getz should shut his damn mouth. McCarthy worked hard to raised all the funds to get Republicans elected and this is how the Rino’s treat him.
    Vote for McCarthy or we will have to start a new party not full of Rino’s and Dems in sheep’s

  13. As a conservative, I would certainly prefer Jim Jordan instead of McCarthy as Speaker. However, the prospect of having a Democrat as Speaker when Republicans have the majority is, as many of you have said, absolutely horrific. This lack of Republican unity could very well lead to the destruction of the party. I, for one, will consider myself to be an Independent if the Republicans blow this opportunity. There is so much work to be done, and the Republicans can’t even unite to elect a Speaker! This is so very disgusting.

  14. If Republicans can’t decide on who the Speaker should be, how in the heck are they going to agree on anything? Lord help us all. Our government is ONE BIG MESS!!!

  15. The republicans better get their s**t together and get a speaker in place, or the demonrats will get Jeffries in and we will all be screwed!

  16. Jordon has to know that our country needs him as speaker of the house. He is the man who can serve with honor and dignity. I sure hope he recognizes the fact that we don’t want McCarthy we want him. Duty to his country should be first and foremost. Jordon is the man we want. Martin Korab

  17. The Republicans cannot agree on anything. The democrats vote as a block. Republicans forget who they represent. Actually all in congress forget woth they represent. They represent the people not the party. What is it going to take to make these people understand the people come forst and not their party.

  18. Let them fight! If any Republicans vote for a Dem, they are doomed forever in politics.
    Kevin Macarthy is a California Rhino just like Pelosi, Ryan and others. We need a fighter who hates the Dems plan as much as we dol.
    Kevin is a very bad choice and he must not be allowed in a power position, he has proven it over and over.
    Trump needs to keep his mouth shut and let the process play out. He supported McConnel and put him in the position he is now. So
    Trump needs to shut up and let this process play itself out hopefully for a fresh blood Repulican that will fight for us as Trump has. Kevin
    is a whimp and a traitor to his party. He will lean over and play their orders and danc’se their way.

  19. McCarthy is Probably Not a Good Choice as Conservative But is Much Better than Any Democrat.
    jorden would be Good, but it’s Not Going to Happen. Jim Jorden should State “Thank You for the Honor, but I Nominated Kevin & would Like Everyone Considering me, Please Vote for Kevin!” Thank You!

  20. Kevin, moved into the Speakers office a few days ago without him being voted in. This in itself proves who and what he is. He raised money for elections but let McConnel share it out, McConnel put where he left REPULICANS who were running weak, he put funds on Rhinos, even when two Repulicans were running against each other he placed the money on Rhinos, look what he did to Blake in Arizona or what he did in Alaska, he took money away from a winning candiadate and put it elsewhere even to Kari Lake. He is a slimball underneath his polish. He is old established and friends with McConnel and even Biden over the past. Check out his record for voting and how he has fought against changes that were positive for conservatives . He will probably win the SOH but I admire the few that are standing up to him and trying to steer the party away from the Old School politics. I just hope they tie him to rules that allow his power to be limited. No Dem will win the SOH, they don’t have the votes, let them fight it out hopefully for a new direction.


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