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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Outburst Angers GOP Leaders – Was She Right?

Marjorie Taylor Greene -Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, via Wikimedia Commons

ANALYSIS – Is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga), otherwise known as MTG, a firebrand conservative who tells it how it is, or is she a loud-mouth who doesn’t know when to shut up? 

Well, as I have noted before, I think she is a bit of both.

I often agree with Greene, and she does bluntly say a lot of things that need to be said. Sometimes she just says really dumb things.

In this case, she called Joe Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas a liar. 

Or more accurately, yelled at him that he was a liar.

She also said Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell, from California, had a sex with a Chinese spy.

To be clear, I think Mayorkas is a liar, and a disgrace to his post, and to all Americans of Cuban heritage, such as myself. He is also a Biden puppet and a national security risk due to his actions and inactions at the border.

But sometimes it’s not what you say that matters, it’s how, and where.

And in this case, the GOP-led House Homeland Security Committee may not have been the place, and ‘liar’ may have been too blunt a term to be yelled at a cabinet secretary testifying before Congress.

She should probably save those truths for other venues. Or simply say “that isn’t true.”

So, in a rare bipartisan act, the committee formally silenced Greene, ‘taking down’ her comments, and ending her line of questioning.

“It’s pretty clear that the rules state you can’t impugn someone’s character. Identifying or calling someone a liar is unacceptable in this committee, and I make the ruling that we strike those words,” Committee Chairman Mark Green (R-Tenn) said, according to NBC News. 

And I can see his point.

But it’s a fine line, especially since MTG’s ‘liar’ outburst followed a similar line of questioning by Chairman Green where he less bluntly accused Mayorkas of lying to Congress about DHS maintaining operational control of the border. 

“Not only have you lied under oath; you just admitted your own incompetence,” Green said in an earlier round of questioning where he referenced Team Biden’s response to tackling cartels.

So it really is how you say it that makes the difference.

MTG’s comments about Swalwell however, didn’t get a Republican reprimand. And I’m glad they didn’t. 

Swalwell absolutely had a dangerous, long-term liaison with an attractive, female, suspected communist Chinese spy – Christine Fang. 

It was likely sexual in nature. And as I wrote earlier, several other Democrat politicians likely had sex with her too.

The FBI said they found no evidence Swalwell shared classified intelligence with her, but the Bureau never truly investigated the sexual relationship aspect before the spy fled back to China.

At the hearing, Swalwell showed a poster that depicted a defund-the-FBI campaign with Greene’s face on it. Greene retorted by saying his criticism was rich coming “from someone that had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy, and everyone knows it.”

Democrats quickly moved to strike her words, arguing it violated House rules on making attacks based on personality, and MTG declined to withdraw them voluntarily.

However, in that case, Republican leaders declined as well.

Minutes later, Greene accused Mayorkas of failing to prevent the flow of fentanyl into the United States. 

“Congresswoman, let me assure you that we’re not letting it go on. We are fighting this,” Mayorkas responded. MTG then yelled: “You’re a liar! You are letting this go on, and the numbers prove it!”

And she is right. Mayorkas is letting these deadly drugs into the U.S., by the truckload.

But that second outburst sealed the deal for Republican leaders against MTG during the hearing.

In his closing remarks the Chairman said, “we do need to dial the rhetoric down in the country and apparently in the committee.” apparently in the committee.” 

That’s probably something we should all agree on.

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  1. Nope. No way should we dial anything back. Put the Dimms on the ground, and then stomp a mudhole in them, at least rhetorically. Dimms are not good, they are monsters, and should not be permitted any representation when Republicans control things. They deserve the same treatment they dish out.

  2. I feel the same about MTG as I do about Trump. They are not diplomatic but their attitudes and words are spot on. And it isn’t pretty. But then neither is a single thing the Left has perpetrated on us since Obama! And excuse me, have you actually listened to the puke spouted by the Dems?? MTG and Trump are mild and courteous in comparison. I say, to fight a bully, you have to get right back in their face and the Dems have been asking for it for years. Time to take the country back and no milquetoast is going to succeed in that endeavour. Turn about is fair play Congressmen and women.

  3. After what these Democrats have done to our great Country the past two years, nothing MTG could say to them is off the list. As for Mayorkas, to say the border is fine, he is a liar not unlike the rest of this administration, including Biden, the worst of all of them. As for Swilwell, I can’t stand the guy, but in the case of the girl and him caught up in a sexual relationship, I kinda get it. Men are creatures of habit and often think with the wrong head! 🙂

  4. Liar is based on facts in his case! The over 107,000 families mourning the drug overdose of their loved ones says it all.

  5. She raises her voice and uses definitive words because she already knows, every Democrat appointee who testifies before Congress, lies and gets away with it! Congressional hearings have become a total waste of time as government officials continue to lie to the Peoples’ representatives and when one of those representatives seeks the truth, she/he is shut down. How pathetic. We’d be better off with another 200 MTGs and 200 less of the Republicans who attacked her!

  6. You have to be kidding!!
    After two decades of Democrats and their wholly owned media lackeys calling Republicans and conservatives every name in the book, both printable and unprintable, when a conservative utters one word the Democrats and their Republican castrati colleagues go into high dudgeon and shut her down. If a Democrat said this about Trump they would get a congeniality award.

    This two-faced standard is hypocritical, wrong, and stupid. In other words, it is just another day in swampland. This behavior by the Congressional swamp things is a major reason that the Bill of Rights, equal justice under the law, and the rule of law are being nullified. If these are the rules you can count on more slanderous rhetoric and actions to shut down conservative voices.

  7. MTG Outburst Angers GOP Leaders The leaders of the GOP are spinless wimps. What the GOP needs are 218+50 MTG in Congress and fewer McConnell types MTG can go toe to toe with the Dems and not roll over like Repub do now.

  8. I vehemently disagree with the author. We need to stop playing patty-cake with these leftists while they violate their oaths and the constitution at every turn. If somebody like Mayorkis or Garland is lying to congress they need to be called out bluntly and often. I think both need to be impeached using the same tactics that Pelosi used on Trump.

    • MTG good on ya girl !! I have always been a Republican ,but where have they gone ?? The Dems fight dirty,look at all the horrible things they say and no body says a word to correct them. It is though the Republicans are afraid of the Dems. We have to fight fire with fire or we are not going to survive as a party. Take a lesson from MTG and stand up. She is what we need and more like her ! Thank you MTG

  9. I have mixed feelings about MTG: First I agree with Ms. Greene on almost every controversy she has been involved in. On the other hand, as an attorney, I understand he need for decorum and rules. Without them, nothing gets done.
    Having said that, I think Ms. Greene is doing what she is doing because the weak-kneed Republicans have let the Democrats seize the initiative and this is the only way she can be heard.

  10. MTG told the truth both times. No way should her 1st amendment rights be stopped. Alejandro Mayorkas a liar, as are most of the democrats elected to office. Swalwell lied about his affair with Fang Fang and his stolen valor during Vietnam. The republicans that voted to stop her should resign.

  11. The author of this article could not be more wrong or out of touch with the patriots of this country, in other words stop with the spineless commentary. It’s time someone needs to Man up instead of sending a women to do a man’s job and I mean a real man with a spine and who knows how to do battle against the scum on both sides of the aisle.

  12. Oh can’t we just get along, the GOP is dong every thing they can think of to stop the lying and criminal activity in our government. (BS) The DNC is just peacefully and calmly allowing our country be taken over by the CCP. (DBL BS) I say give MTG a bullhorn then gag the rest of the GOP because all the males have no balls with few exceptions. we have been lead down to our destruction snice 1913 we do not have much longer until the Judge (who can not be bought) will right everything.

  13. A democrat appointed Judge always has a price, and the Democrat/KKK always buys their services. Todays current Republicrats are all Uniparty traitors to the Republican voters.

  14. Biden willfully canceled the border fence being built even though the payment was paid or had to be payed by contract. The Biden administration is willfully violating federal Law by not maintaining the border – Biden and Harris should both be impeached for that and for Biden willfully giving away the petroleum market to Russia and selling away the Petroleum National Reserve. Their incompetence in selecting unqualified cabinet members has emasculated our nation and put us in peril.


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