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Mike Lindell Ordered to Pay $5 Million Over Debunked 2020 Election Data

Mike Lindell via Gage Skidmore Flickr

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has been ordered to pay $5 million to a software developer who debunked the Trump ally’s data around the election.

Lindell, who promised to pay the $5 million award to anyone who could debunk his data that purportedly proved election fraud, was ordered to pay the sum by a private arbitrator, who ruled that Robert Zeidman, a software expert, successfully disproved Lindell’s claims, in a decision first reported by CNN.

The arbitrator cited Lindell’s repeated claims to have data that he said was captured during the 2020 election and proved that China interfered in the contest. Lindell repeatedly made the false claims in public appearances and on TV.

Lindell then launched the “Prove Mike Wrong Challenge,” offering $5 million to anyone who could prove that the data was not valid. Zeidman entered the contest, submitting a report that concluded the data did not include information from the 2020 election. When Lindell’s team said Zeidman did not win the contest, he filed the arbitration.

“Based on the foregoing analysis, Mr. Zeidman performed under the contract,” the ruling said. “He proved the data Lindell LLC provided, and represented reflected information from the November 2020 election, unequivocally did not reflect November 2020 election data. Failure to pay Mr. Zeidman the $5 million prized was a breach of the contract, entitling him to recover.”

The arbitrator ruled that the money must be paid within 30 days of the decision.

Lindell blasted the arbitration decision.

“It was a horrible decision, and it is all going to end up in court,” he told The Hill.


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