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Nonbinary’ Ex-Biden Nuke Official Arrested Again – ‘Fugitive from Justice’

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ANALYSIS – The bizarre saga of Sam Brinton, Joe Biden’s disgraced, cross-dressing, ‘nonbinary,’ sex-dog role-playing, former nuclear official, just keeps going. 

He is in jail again, for the third time.

The unstable repeat offender was previously arrested twice on charges of stealing women’s clothes and luggage from various airports in 2022. He was caught red handed on airport surveillance video.

He has been battling charges of airport luggage theft in both Nevada and Minnesota. And now, it seems, also in DC. But judges keep letting him off with no jail time.

This time the flamboyant 35-year-old former Energy Department official was arrested as a “fugitive from justice.”

Brinton has also been accused of stealing the unique dresses of Tanzanian fashion designer Asya Khamsin from her airport luggage back in 2018. 

Brinton then had the audacity to then wear them publicly to events where he was photographed. 

The dresses were apparently one of a kind.

And he wore more than one of the dresses. And more than once.

Of course, this is the person Biden chose to be his deputy assistant secretary of ‘Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition’ in the Office of Nuclear Energy at the Department of Energy (DOE).

He was in this fairly senior position from June until December 2022 when he “left” after his second arrest.

Court documents list the bald, but often mustachioed, nuclear engineer’s sex as “X.” 

He was arrested Thursday at his home in Rockville, Maryland by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), assisted by the Montgomery County police. 

The arrest followed their execution of a search warrant based on allegations of stolen property in luggage from Reagan National Airport. The allegations were reported to the department in February 2023. 

Clearly, the police found what they were looking for somewhere as Brinton was taken into custody Wednesday pending charges of “grand larceny.”

In September of 2022 Brinton allegedly stole a traveler’s bags worth over $2,300 from the Minneapolis-St Paul Airport. He was charged again with grand larceny in early December by Las Vegas prosecutors of an item with a value between $1,200 and $5,000.

In that case, Brinton allegedly stole a suitcase from the Harry Reid International Airport in July 2022. That bag and its contents were actually reportedly worth well over $6,000.

Brinton had faced up to 15 years in prison for the alleged thefts, but judges in both cases let him go after he paid restitution.

One judge told him to “stay out of trouble.” Brinton clearly didn’t listen.

This time a Maryland judge appeared less forgiving.

The Daily Wire reported:

On Thursday afternoon, Brinton appeared before a judge via closed-circuit television from the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit, where Judge Victor Del Pino declined to release him and ordered him extradited to Virginia. Brinton did not have a lawyer or any supporters or press, other than The Daily Wire, at the hearing. A public defender spoke for him temporarily, despite his not being eligible for a public defender because of his income. He was wearing a blue jail jumpsuit and a mask. [Hopefully they were tastefully matching.]

The Daily Wire continued:

“Mr. Brinton is a nuclear engineer, he is married,” the public defender said. “He works for GeoFission, a nuclear startup. He believes if he is released to turn himself in [to Virginia], he can keep his job… I believe the allegation is stolen luggage.”

Del Pino said “I will deny the request to turn himself in. Virginia will pick him up. Good luck in Virginia, Mr. Brinton.”

Let’s see what a Virginia judge will think of all this, and if this time Mr. Brinton actually does some jail time. Or at least gets some much-needed psychiatric care.

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  1. Other than as an exemplar of the kind of people Biden appoints (or is told to appoint, somehow, I don’t see him as terribly active in running the country – I suspect he mostly just plays with his pudding and signs off on whatever his puppeteers tell him to), Sam Brinton is an irrelevancy now – just a total freak, appointed because he checked enough boxes on the equity and inclusivity checklist. And, of course, he does prove out one suspicion – people who work this hard to emphasize their difference and non-conformity with societal norms don’t just look weird and act a little weird – they ARE weird. It’s not being prejudiced or overly judgmental, when confronted with something as bizarre as Sam Brinton tp suspect that they are not gonna do well and may well be disasters in their job. From his bald head and lipstick to the bottom of his ruby red slippers, he IS wearing warning flags and we are not being unkind to take notice and to take heed..

  2. It takes a sick mind to say and do things that this dude is doing. Is this how we want this country to be? Sure makes me glad I’m so old that hopefully I won’t be around to see the total destruction of this once great constitutional republic.

  3. Why does the media refer to him as “non-binary”? There is no such thing! He can make that claim. He can also claim he is a giraffe, but that doesn’t make it so. The media should stop playing this infantile game and stop misinforming the public.


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