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Police Arrest Democrat Lawmaker After Allegedly Vandalizing Trump Supporter’s Property

Arrest image via Pixabay

Rhode Island police reportedly arrested a Democrat state lawmaker last week for allegedly keying a Trump supporter’s vehicle.

According to The Daily Wire, Cranston Police placed State Senator Joshua Miller (D) in custody after he was accused of “keying” an SUV in the Garden City Center parking lot around 3:30 p.m.

The vehicle’s owner identified the 69-year-old politician to authorities after suspecting him of allegedly damaging the car, claiming they saw a man standing beside their vehicle holding a keychain and gripping a single key while quickly walking away after confronting him about the incident.

The unidentified victim noticed a vehicle parked near his with a “Re-elect Senator Josh Miller” bumper sticker. Following the incident, the victim looked up Miller online and identified him as the suspect to authorities. However, Millier initially denied any wrongdoing.

“He was blocking my way, saying I scratched his car, I didn’t scratch his car,” Miller said in a video posted on social media. “I’m a state senator — I think he’d recognize. I think he’s one of the gun nuts.”

An unidentified male in the video responded, saying he doesn’t “know any of the senators, to be honest.”

Miller appeared to admit the crime to police after an officer showed up at his house saying police obtained video of the incident.

Miller was charged with vandalism and malicious injury to property and was released on $1,000 personal recognizance.

“Nobody is above the law, including those who make and enforce the laws,” Cranston Police Chief Michael Winquist said in a news release Friday. “The officers who handled this investigation did so with fairness, integrity, and without preferential treatment.”

Rhode Island GOP Chairman Joe Powers said Miller should leave office after the arrest.

“This behavior is unbecoming of anyone holding a leadership position,” Powers wrote on Twitter. “State Senator Joshua Miller has proven once again the he does not have the composure required to represent every constituent in his district and must resign immediately.”

Cranston Police Col. Michael Winquist on Tuesday told local media that city attorneys are now also “looking at a possible obstruction-of-justice charge” for the 69-year-old politician.

Winquist added that he and city solicitor Christopher Millea “had a discussion about if that charge is appropriate and the elements of the crime are there.”



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