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Report: Biden’s Chief of Staff Notified of Hatch Act Violation

President Joe Biden walks with Chief of Staff Ron Klain along the Colonnade of the White House, Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2021, to the White House Situation Room. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain was notified he violated the Hatch Act in May but the Office of Special Counsel (OSC).

According to The Daily Wire, the OSC responded to the violation in a letter to America First Legal Foundation’s vice president and general counsel, Gene Hamilton, who filed the complaint in June.

“Although OSC has concluded that Mr. Klain violated the Hatch Act, as explained below, we have decided not to pursue disciplinary action and instead issued him a warning letter,” Ana Galindo-Marrone, chief of the Hatch Act Unit at the OSC, wrote.

“OSC confirmed that Mr. Klain retweeted a May 22, 2022 message from Strike PAC (@StrikePAC) from his official Twitter account (@WHCOS). The tweet read, ‘Operation Fly Formula delivers 70,000 pounds of infant formula for American mothers and their infants. Thank you @POTUS.’ The tweet also read, ‘Get your Democrats Deliver merch today!’ and included a link to Strike PAC’s online store and an image of the group’s ‘Democrats Deliver’ t-shirt,” she wrote.

Strike PAC is a partisan political group that supports the Democratic Party. In the letter, Galindo-Marrone also noted that Klain promptly removed the tweet from his account after being notified of the violation.

“Although OSC has concluded that Mr. Klain violated the Hatch Act, we understand that he promptly removed the retweet upon being notified of this complaint,” the letter read.

“Accordingly, we have decided not to pursue disciplinary action and will close this matter. Mr. Klain has been warned that if in the future he engages in activity prohibited by the Hatch Act while employed in a covered position, OSC would consider such activity to be a willful and knowing violation of the law that could result in disciplinary action,” the letter concluded.

“Using your White House Twitter account to advocate for a PAC is ILLEGAL,” said Hamilton in response to the OSC’s decision while also noting Klain previously criticized President Trump’s administration in 2018 over alleged Hatch Act violations.

 “Using your WH title in a press release advocating the President’s reelection is ILLEGAL,” Kalin tweeted at the time, suggesting he is versed in the Hatch Act.


  1. Must be nice to be an established Democrat; “leave your conscience and accountability behind, then do as you please.” (The only caveats are the partisan shackles, the ire of your constituents, and the obligatory tithing to the DNC cartel.)
    1) if you get COVID and lose your sense of smell, sniffing little girl’s hair is futile.
    2) staining blue dresses
    3) letting you son sell the strategic oil reserves (oh, that one has been waived)


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