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Report: Trump Must Pay Nearly Half-Billion Dollars Before Appealing New York Ruling

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Before Donald Trump can appeal Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling he must pay nearly half a billion dollars as a bond to New York State.

Last week, the judge ordered Trump to pay $354 million in fines, $450 million with interest, after New York Attorney General sued Trump under and obscure New York fraud statute.

Jonathan Turley points out another astonishing fact at the New York Post: before he can appeal, Trump must pay the whole fine:

Under New York law, Trump cannot appeal this ruling without depositing the full amount, including interest, in a court account. Even for Trump, $455 million is hard to come by. Likewise, a bond would require a company to guarantee payment for a defendant who has been barred from doing business in New York and is facing the need to liquidate much of his portfolio.

Nothing succeeds like excess for judges like Engoron. By imposing this astronomical figure, he can make it difficult or impossible for a defendant to appeal, absent declaring bankruptcy or selling off assets at distress prices.

The excessive fine and its basis raise serious statutory and constitutional questions. Many of us believe it should be substantially reduced or tossed out entirely.


  1. This judge is one that needs to be shown how judicate cases. He obviously believes that he is above the law and can put judgements on whoever without prejudice. He needs to shown by the Supreme Court how all of this should work. I wonder who he reports to other than maybe Soros or some other puppet master.

  2. This is outrageous that a biased, liberal, sick judge if you can call him that is able to get by with this rubbish! This will only make other businesses wonder if this could happen to them, this will stop future businesses from coming to New York City. This sick judge & James have no idea of what they have done. But, the city of New York will suffer the consequences, only those two have not figured this out yet. When they do, watch out!

  3. globalists and their globalist puppet, god worshiping, piece of shit demonrat criminal party and globalist puppet, god worshiping, piece of shite, rino criminal party .

  4. god created his globalists and his demonrat criminal party and his rino criminal party and his criminal media and his altar boy raping demonrat priests and all his CRIMINAL organizations to create gods hell on earth for all good people and god continues to bless his globalists and his demonrat crimnal party and his rino criminal party and his altar boy raping demonrat priests and all his CRIMINAL organizations that create gods hell on earth for all good people .

  5. Just three thoughts:
    (1) Post November 2024 election a RICO charge needs to be evaluated against DOJ, White House Staff, NY Governor, NY AG, Fulton County DA and their associates for fostering an environment conducive to the destruction of the NATION. Their collective decisions have resulted in election interference and thus by default an affront to the Constitution and the stability of the NATION. BTW, do not forget pompous nincompoops like Alvin Bragg, Maine Sec of State and those involved in the decision of the State of Colorado Supreme Court.
    (2) Will someone start a GO FUND ME effort to raise money for Donald J. Trump to pay the assessment of $355+ million and interest by NY Judge Engoron. If the &0+ million voters who voted for DJT each contribute $10.00, we can amass approximately $700 million to diffuse the issue and have left over for other legal expenses, including a lawsuit to question Judge Engoron’s sanity and question him on how he arrived at the astronomical fine where no damage to any party has been identified by the NY AG. Furthermore, the NY AG should be made to defend, firstly her initial recommendation of $250 million, and secondly, how did she come up with the final recommendation of $375 million that Judge Engoron finally based his decision on.
    (3) Let is ensure that both the NY AG and Judge Engoron are defeated during the next election cycle for malfeasance and abuse of authority. Dont forget his law clerk, who surprisingly sat by his side and probably was making the decisions with him just being the mouthpiece, aka the Biden cabal.

  6. Trump should figure out a way to set fire to Trump Tower and burn it to the ground before it’s used to house Illegal aliens!! Engoran KNOWS what he is doing will impact New York for all future Deals.
    He’s hanging Trump for something ALL developers are guilty of . Plain to see that Genocide Joe got
    to him too. Joe is really and truly a giant Chickens–T politician. FJB.


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