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Trump Slams Fox News Over DeSantis Coverage

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As more Republicans seemingly undeterred by Donald Trump‘s presidential pursuit dive into the race the former President seems more combative than ever.

The most recent target of Trump’s ire is Fox News after the network covered an event with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis instead of one of his own.

DeSantis appeared at an event in Staten Island, NY fueling rumors he’s on the brink of announcing a presidential run. However, the governor has yet to officially announce anything and says his final decision will likely come in May. (RELATED: DeSantis Lays Out Timeline for 2024 Decision)

“So interesting to watch FoxNews cover the small and unenthusiastic 139 person crowd in Staten Island for DeSantis, but stay as far away as possible from coverage of the thousands of people, many unable to get in, at the Club 47 event in West Palm Beach, Florida,” Trump posted on Tuesday on Truth Social.

Trump continued to attack the network over what he views as a growing relationship between DeSantis and Fox News, dubbing the network the “RINO Network” and requesting CNN “go conservative” in the wake of this behavior from Fox.

“I call FoxNews the RINO Network, and their DOWN BIG Ratings accurately reflect the name. If FAKE NEWS CNN was smart, which they’re not, they’d go Conservative & ‘All Trump, All the Time,’ like in 2016, and become a Ratings Juggernaut,” he wrote.

However, despite Trump’s wrath Fox News has actually added viewers in 2022, unlike CNN.

Fox News notched its seventh consecutive year as the top-rated cable news network in 2022, according to The Hill.

Trump took another shot at DeSantis, claiming he doesn’t deserve any credit for things going well in Florida.

“Florida was doing GREAT long before Ron DeSanctus got there. People are fleeing from New York to Florida (and other places) because of high TAXES and out of control CRIME, not because of Governor (thank you President Trump!) DeSanctimonious,” Trump wrote. “Rick Scott did great, and even Charlie Crist had very good numbers. SUNSHINE AND OCEAN, very alluring!!!”


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