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Report: US Intelligence Officials Sound Alarm On Russian Interference

Kremlin.ru, via Wikimedia Commons

History seems to be repeating itself…

Intelligence officials connected to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) warned that Russia has launched a plan to interfere in the 2024 election to bolster the chances of former President Trump being re-elected. 

In a briefing with reporters on Tuesday, ODNI officials said that Russia is the “preeminent threat” to the election.

Fox News reports:

“It’s all the tactics we’ve seen before, primarily through social media, efforts using influential U.S. voices to amplify their narratives and other tactics,” an official said. “And as far as who they’re targeting, what we can say today is, Russia is sophisticated enough to know that, targeting swing state voters is, particularly valuable to them.”

Officials said that the intelligence community expects Russia will increase its underhanded activities as U.S. election day gets closer in order to manipulate public opinion, underscoring the threat to America’s political landscape.

Although former President Trump was not named specifically, ODNI officials said that the Russian interference is mimicking similar preferences for U.S. presidential candidates seen in previous election cycles.

Russia is “undertaking a whole-of-government approach to influence the election, including the presidential race, Congress and public opinion,” the official said, noting that Russia has grown “more sophisticated” over the years in election interference. 

The Kremlin, officials said, is targeting specific voting groups in swing states, as well as looking to promote “divisive narratives and denigrate specific politicians,” although no specifics were provided. 

The briefing noted that while China doesn’t plan to influence the outcome of the presidential race, the communist nation is being carefully monitored to see if it mingles in down-ballot races. 


  1. I would imagine that some foreign countries prefer Biden over Trump because they can walk all over Sleepy Joe. They remember that Trump made them start paying their share for defense and did not let them walk all over us.


    Didn’t THIS outlet just publish as piece stating that ALL foreign countries, INCLUDING RUSSIA AND CHINA don’t want a Trump win b/c Trump is the ENFORCER??

    You can’t have it both ways, Great America News Desk. Stop posting the MSM line. YES of course the DNC is going to go into the nonsense SPIN. But please, don’t post their nonsense. America is not going to fall for it again.

    POST more about AI (real threat) Social Media blocking and algorims, and how the DOMESTIC influencers are going to be the ones who skew results.

    And POST about what is going on with voting machines, counting votes, etc. WHERE is the story abour Democrats voting NO agains the SAFE Act this week?


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