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Senior Democrats Privately Downplay Trump Threat, Says NY Times Columnist

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On a recent episode of Tim Miller’s podcast, a prominent liberal columnist revealed that, behind closed doors, senior Democrats don’t view Donald Trump as an existential threat to democracy. The revelation contrasts sharply with the often apocalyptic rhetoric about Trump unthinkingly regurgitated by liberals.

Ezra Klein’s Insight

New York Times columnist Ezra Klein shared what he’s heard from top Democrats on Capitol Hill. According to Klein, these leaders privately express deep concern about President Biden’s situation while downplaying the potential dangers of a Trump victory.

“People are weighing this set of things. Like, ‘It would be quite unpleasant for me personally to come out against the president as an elected official in the Democratic Party,’ and weighing what will happen if Donald Trump wins, and saying, in a revealed preference way, ‘I can live with Donald Trump winning,’” Klein stated.

Tim Miller’s Reaction

Miller, known for his strong opposition to Trump, responded with disbelief. “Really?” he exclaimed, clearly taken aback by Klein’s account. Klein elaborated, saying he’s heard top Democrats question why their peers act as though Trump is an existential threat while they themselves do not believe this.

Ethical Journalism and Source Protection

At one point, Miller’s frustration boiled over. “Who the f**k is this?” he demanded. “Out your sources, Ezra!” The angry comments overlooked the fact that journalistic ethics prohibit revealing sources. Protecting confidential sources ensures the free flow of information and encourages insiders to share sensitive insights without fear of repercussions.

Despite Miller’s intense reaction, Klein remained composed. “I find it maddening, but I do find it consistent,” he said. He suggested that whatever Democrats say publicly, their private resignation contradicts their public statements.

Miller’s Fiery Response

Miller, still fuming, responded, “You have a calm voice, but you’re skyrocketing my f**king blood pressure right now. Ezra, I’m just, like, so f**king mad.”

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