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Ron DeSantis Hit With Ethics Complaint From Trump Super PAC

Ron DeSantis via Gage Skidmore Flickr

A political action committee supporting former President Donald Trump has filed an ethics complaint against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ahead of his expected 2024 announcement.

Make America Great Again Inc. claims the Sunshine State governor has violated state ethics and election laws with his “shadow presidential campaign.” 

On Wednesday, the group filed the complaint with the state’s Commission on Ethics, a majority of which are DeSantis appointees.

NBC News first reported the complaint alleges that DeSantis has already checked all the boxes for someone considering a run for the White House, including making stops in early primary states; writing a book; raising tens of millions of dollars to go into a state-level committee that could be transferred to a federal super PAC; and watching a constellation of supporter-led super PACs and an outside nonprofit group pop up, some with the stated intention of getting DeSantis to run for president.

The pro-Trump super PAC says the combination of those steps violates a handful of Florida laws about officeholders’ accepting illegal gifts.

“This letter provides ample evidence to support a finding of probable cause by the Florida Commission on Ethics that Governor DeSantis, in concert with certain associated political committees, political consultants and a 501(c)(4) organization, has solicited and received millions of dollars’ worth of illegal gifts in violation of Florida State ethics laws and the Florida Constitution,” the draft complaint reads. 

While the group undoubtedly faces an uphill battle against DeSantis, if the governor did face penalties, they could include fines, public censure, ballot disqualification, removal from office or impeachment.

The governor has brushed off the lawsuit.

“Adding this to the list of frivolous and politically motivated attacks — it’s inappropriate to use state ethics for partisan purposes,” said Taryn Fenske, DeSantis’ communications director.

Read a copy of the formal complaint below:

It is addressed to chairman of the Ethics Commission, Glenton Gilzean, whom DeSantis appointed.  

Super PACs, known as independent expenditure-only committees, are legally allowed to raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, and to spend unlimited sums to support or oppose political candidates. Unlike traditional PACs, they are prohibited under long-standing federal rules from either coordinating or contributing directly to a candidate or candidate’s campaign. 


  1. Donald, Donald, Donald: You’re beginning to look desperate. DeSantis hasn’t declared anything. Everyone around him and everywhere else are the ones making the “claim” he’s going to run. Until it’s official, he doesn’t have to do a damned thing. And, please, sir, remember something: In 2016, your opponent spent all her time saying what a terrible person you were and said NOTHING that she was going to do for the American people. Look where it got her: still whining about her loss. Go back to telling us what you will do for us. Stop belittling your opponents – real or otherwise. It’s just not a good look. And quite frankly, beneath you.

  2. It looks like we’ll have a serious rift in the establishment GOP that will give Obama a fourth term through his puppet, Biden.

  3. Thank you for a VERY cogent comment. I fear Trump is going to put his very big foot in his even bigger mouth.

    A two time Trump voter

  4. DJT u need to calm down, u sound like your scared of good competition, I didn’t think u were scared of anything. But I’m getting a real headache, from u trashing Ron, our great Florida governor. Don’t fight with him,fight against the radical,liberal,socialist,marxist,dumbocraps that u are going to have to beat.We don’t need any problems with the repukes,they already have all the problems they need,with lying,racist,senile,frail,old,puppet,fool,dementia joe.We need to stick togethe, or lose our country to the enemy,both.

  5. I really lke DeSantis a ton, but i’m definitely a Trumper.

    Ljurcak.. if Trump started a new party, that would almost certainly split the conservative vote, which would mean Dems win. So if DeSantis wins primary, then Trump needs to not form a new party. Right?

  6. You may be right, Gerald. I’m a two time Trump voter, too, and I’ve not read his books, but… I think his way is to play hardball right from the get-go. This draft puts a major squeeze on DeSantis to immediately give up his current governorship and proclaim intent to run for pres, because he is evidently soliciting and accepting millions of dollars for something he has neither registered nor proclaimed on record, which is apparently illegal. So Trump is forcing a “put up or shut up” moment.
    DJT doesn’t wait around, he takes the fight to the opponent and he’s in it to win it.

    I like both these guys, for sure, but the difference seems to be that DeSantis is a smart and clear minded, honest, hardworking statesman… and Pres Trump is more of a smart, honest, hardworking warrior. They’re both Christian (i do believe), both love this country and Constitution and all it stands for, but DJT is a New Yorker which by definition means brass. 😊

    My New Yorker dad was that way. Knew how to throw the first punch and aimed for a knock out right out of the gate.


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