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Special Counsel Asks Supreme Court To Weigh In On Trump Federal Election Interference Case

Duncan Lock, Dflock, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Special Counsel Jack Smith asked the Supreme Court to immediately take up former President Trump’s federal 2020 election criminal case, urging the justices to weigh in on Trump’s immunity defense as the former president seeks to have the case tossed entirely.

Citing Trump’s fast-approaching March 4 trial date, Smith asked the Supreme Court to immediately take up the issue.

The Hill has more:

“It is of imperative public importance that respondent’s claims of immunity be resolved by this Court and that respondent’s trial proceed as promptly as possible if his claim of immunity is rejected,” Smith wrote in the filing.

Smith also requested the Supreme Court expedite its consideration of whether to take up the issue. If they do agree to hear it, Smith further asked that the justices expedite their consideration of the case.

“This case presents a fundamental question at the heart of our democracy: whether a former President is absolutely immune from federal prosecution for crimes committed while in office or is constitutionally protected from federal prosecution when he has been impeached but not convicted before the criminal proceedings begin,” Smith wrote in the filing.

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  1. I find it laughable that the Special Counsel is asking for a SCOTUS opinion on election interference given that all the Biden Admin is doing with these false, fabricated, and malicious indictments is attempting to eliminate a rival in an upcoming election. Trump has done nothing that all of his predecessors did not do. The current corrupt DOJ under Garland let Biden off on the exact same charges and he kept classified documents in an unlocked, unsafe environment (his garage) from when FJB was a SENATOR! I admit I am glad the Mr. Garland is NOT a Supreme Court Justice, the partisan hack. Garland knows nothing of the Constitution or any laws.

  2. I hope when the SCOTUS takes this on they give a stern warning to all the Commie D. A.’s out there that any more of these phony indictments that come along will be dealt with as political assassination attempts and order all charges to be dropped or else. This has to be done, our entire existence is at stake here.


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