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Trump Fined In Civil Fraud Trial

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Former President Trump was fined $10,000 for violating the gag order in his $250 million New York business fraud trial.

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump to the witness stand and questioned him about comments he made outside of the courtroom.

The surprise calling of Trump to the witness stand came amid the second day of testimony from Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney and fixer, who faced a barrage of attacks about his credibility as a witness.

CNBC has more:

Trump doubled down Wednesday during a mid-morning break, saying Cohen “went to jail for lying” and branding him “a totally discredited witness.”

Trump, who stared down Cohen in court on Tuesday, repeatedly attacked his former lawyer in between the proceedings. He called Cohen a “proven liar,” a “felon” and a “disgrace” outside the courtroom.

He launched more attacks on social media, writing Tuesday evening that Cohen “was a complete and total disaster” in the trial.

“Lie after lie, and getting caught each time,” claimed Trump.

New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil case accuses Trump, his two adult sons, the Trump Organization and top executives of falsely inflating the values of Trump’s real estate properties and other assets in order to get tax benefits and better loan terms.

James seeks around $250 million in damages, and she wants to bar Trump and his co-defendants from running another business in New Yo

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  1. This trial is a joke!!! How can there be fraud if no one lost money because of Trumps actions?!?!? Trumps company got the loans, and all were repaid in full. So, where is the crime here?!?

  2. yep, take trump out of new york,,,take away all the jobs and income those jobs provide to others,,,bring him to alabama,,,,rich guys dont sit in piles of money all day, they invest in new jobs and thus provide jobs for others,,,,,how dumb can you be???? no wonder your place is filling up with illegals that drain your economy and cant speak or read the language, and who have no education to do jobs nor the capability to apply themselves to work for their own good and ours

  3. The left representatives of law enforcement and justice have destroyed any respect many of us have for traditional insitutions and now we don’t even pay attention to them. WEARE ON OUR OWN AND WE KNOW IT!!!


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