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Trump Requests Judge Throw Out Jan. 6 Charges

Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

On Wednesday, former President Trump asked to dismiss the whole of the government’s election interference case against him, arguing all his actions leading up to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol are protected by presidential immunity. 

The Hill has more:

“The prosecution does not, and cannot, argue that President Trump’s efforts to ensure election integrity, and to advocate for the same, were outside the scope of his duties. Instead, the prosecution falsely claims that President Trump’s motives were impure — that he purportedly ‘knew’ that the widespread reports of fraud and election irregularities were untrue but sought to address them anyway,” Trump’s attorneys wrote in the motion. 

“But as the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and hundreds of years of history and tradition all make clear, the President’s motivations are not for the prosecution or this Court to decide. Rather, where, as here, the President’s actions are within the ambit of his office, he is absolutely immune from prosecution.”

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  1. According to the Left (including the DC District Judge), presidential immunity doesn’t apply to Republicans, especially those named Trump.

    • Touché!
      All the charges are bogus, made up, a real stretch… and/or political. I keep waiting for someone or some entity to stand up and dismiss all this crap! They all know it’s wrong!


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