Home News Trump Scores Another House Republican Endorsement

Trump Scores Another House Republican Endorsement


Donald Trump just scored another endorsement from the House of Representatives.

Rep. Andy Barr (R-Ky.) told Fox News Digital on Monday about his endorsement.

“I can not sit idly by while Joe Biden and his disastrous policies continue to erode what makes America the greatest country in the world,” Barr said. “Since Biden took office, we have seen record-high illegal immigration at the Southern Border, 40-year high inflation, and threateningly weak foreign policy that has invited aggression from our adversaries.”

However, Barr said, “despite all of this, Democrats and the ‘mainstream media’ are doing everything they can to ensure Joe Biden remains president.”

“Donald Trump is the only candidate who can defeat Joe Biden and reinstate an America First agenda,” he said.

“American families’ incomes rose, and their small businesses flourished,” he said, adding that none of those developments were “coincidences.”

“They were a direct product of Trump’s low-tax, pro-economic growth policies,” he told Fox News Digital, saying Biden’s policies have “resulted in the opposite.” 


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