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White House Correspondents Reportedly Fed Up With Biden Press Secretary

White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre holds a press briefing on Friday, July 30, 2021, in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Erin Scott)

There is trouble brewing at the White House.

New reports signal growing animosity between the White House press corps and Karine Jean-Pierre over her refusal to stray from talking points and her providing false information.

According to Mediaite, more than a half dozen press corps members told CNN’s Oliver Darcy that “the temperature has gone up a lot in the last few days” in the White House briefing room.

“She is arguably the least effective White House press secretary of the television era,” said one unnamed reporter who Darcy identified as a White House veteran, though this person did exclude Trump-era press secretaries from that dig.

Another White House reporter told CNN, “You just get the feeling that you’re wasting your time and whatever is in front of her in the binder is all she is going to say, no matter how many times you ask the question. It’s just a painful waste of time.”

Pressure has been building in the White House briefing room since last week. On Thursday afternoon, Jean-Pierre repeatedly said that the administration’s search for classified documents had been completed. However, that same night, five additional classified documents were found at President Joe Biden’s Wilmington, DE residence. The Press Sec. did not disclose the discovery of the documents at Friday’s briefing. The information wasn’t revealed until the White House released a statement on Saturday.

On Tuesday, Jean-Pierre was pressed on whether the discovery of classified documents had been concealed from her or whether she knew about them and intentionally misled the reporters in the room during previous briefings. After multiple, lengthy non-answers, Jean-Pierre finally said she did not know the documents had been recovered ahead of last Friday’s briefing.

“There is the expectation that when you say something, it’s going to be true,” an unnamed White House correspondent told Darcy. “That’s been the biggest credibility hit for her, it’s answering a question in a way that ends up not being true.”


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  2. She was hired because she checks all the boxes that this administration thinks are important. She’s female; she’s gay; she’s black. Don’t look for competency. Meritocracy is, apparently, an unknown factor with these losers.

  3. Very well stated Janice, Larry is 100% correct and elemteacher hit all the key points. Sorry Richard, you are the holdout loser. Did you go to grammer school? I can’t even stand to look at her when the news channels show her. I think they show her on the news just to reinforce what an absurd loser Biden is. He doesn’t hire for competence at all, he hires entirely based on race and sex. No sex or the wrong sex is preferred by him. With the 40 or 50 years he has in Washington, it is absolutely amazing that anyone voted for him at all. But, they had to have at least one real vote to make the millions of copies of mail in ballots.

  4. That’s not true – why are you. bringing race into the equation when it’s a statement of her intellect? Any race can be smart or dumb, but it’s not because of their race. Let’s tell it like it is for once!

    • Oh but he did Dearie! Take a hard look at the Kamel! Certainly NOT THE BRIGHTEST crayon in the box! Then there’s the case of Mad Maxine! Certainly a proven idiot time and again! Than we have those like NYC Adams, DC Bowser, and all the other Blacks in Democratic offices! Seems pretty endemic to the race along with their culture of violence! She has no intellect! NOT REQUIRED! She was put there as a token gay, female, black and that’s all she was put there for!


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