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Woke Group Sues To Keep Trump Off Michigan Ballot

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A liberal group in Michigan is trying to keep Donald Trump out of the White House by any cost necessary…

On Friday, a liberal group sued to prevent Trump from appearing on the state’s ballot, claiming the former president violated the 14th Amendment.

The lawsuit marks the third such attempt to keep Trump off the ballot after similar actions were filed in Colorado and Minnesota. It was filed by Free Speech for People, the same group behind the Minnesota lawsuit.

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which is cited in the lawsuit, states that no person shall hold elected office who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States.”

“The insurrection defeated the forces of civilian law enforcement; forced the United States Congress to go into recess… occupied the United States Capitol, a feat never achieved by the Confederate rebellion… and blocked the peaceful transition of power in the United States of America, another feat never achieved by the Confederate rebellion,” the suit reads.

“Donald J. Trump, through his words and actions… engaged in insurrection or rebellion, or gave aid and comfort to its enemies, as defined by Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment,” the group continued. “He is disqualified from holding the presidency or any other office under the United States unless and until Congress provides him relief.”

A group of New Hampshire lawmakers urged their state’s election chief to prevent similar 14th Amendment arguments for their 2024 ballot, calling the attempts an “absurd conspiracy theory.”

Trump himself dismissed the attempts earlier this month.

“Almost all legal scholars have voiced opinions that the 14th Amendment has no legal basis or standing relative to the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election,” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post.



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