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Amanda Head: Biden Has Zero Clue Americans are Hurting Economically

Joe Biden via Gage Skidmore Flickr

It’s difficult for Joe Biden to see down from his ivory tower.

Biden found himself the target of criticism from both sides of the aisle after a major environmental faux pas…

Watch Amanda explain the controversy below:

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  1. Hidenbiden doesn’t care about the american people,or he wouldn’t be destroying our country, and putting people in dire consequences.He has cost the american people nothing but heartache,and wondering if they can afford their heat,electricity, or food because everything is inflated so bad. He is clueless of what people are going through, because he is mentally unfit,arrogant,delusional,narcistic,hypocrite, that has no empathy for others. Hidenbiden and his corrupt, admininstation, weaponized against conservatives,says it all.He has threatened half the country, shooting off his big, tough, guy mouth,when eveybody knows, he is a lying, spineless,senile,old,puppet fool, that is totally out of touch with reality.He needs to step down,or be impeached for total incompetence.He doesn’t know how communicate with other world leaders, and should be barred from making any kind of deals,because he isn’t competent to do so,and know what he has done. Joe needs to go,to save this country,he has betrayed all Americans.


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