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Trump Labels DeSantis a ‘RINO Globalist’ in Latest Tirade


Donald Trump is escalating his attacks against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

On Wednesday, Trump accused DeSantis of being a “RINO Globalist” as he criticized his response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The real Ron is a RINO GLOBALIST, who closed quickly down Florida and even its beaches,” Trump said in a post on Truth Social. “Loved the Vaccines and wasted big money on ‘Testing.’ How quickly people forget!”

RINO, one of Trump’s go-to insults for his fellow Republicans, stands for “Republican in Name Only.”

According to The Hill, Trump’s latest insult comes after a series of weekend campaign stops in New Hampshire and South Carolina where he cautioned against DeSantis’s potential White House bid.

“If he runs, that’s fine. I’m way up in the polls. He’s going to have to do what he wants to do, but he may run,” Trump said. “I do think it would be a great act of disloyalty because, you know, I got him in. He had no chance. His political life was over.”

However, despite Trump’s insults, it seems DeSantis is managing to stay above the fray.

As Great American News Desk previously reported:

“I roll out of bed. I have people attacking me from all angles,” the Florida governor said at a press conference on Tuesday. “It’s been happening for many, many years.”

“When you’re an elected executive, you have to make all kinds of decisions. You got to steer that ship,” DeSantis said. “And the good thing is, is that the people are able to render a judgment on that — whether they reelect you or not.”

“And I’m happy to say, you know, in my case, not only did we win reelection, we won with the highest percentage of the vote that any Republican governor candidate has in the history of the state of Florida,” he added.


  1. Trump only makes himself look bad as he insults Gov De Santa’s. Many candidates that were given Trumps approval lost in those states!
    I was appalled that he lifted the ban on hunting grizzly bears and others that were listed “endangered” he freely removed these animals from that list as he bowed to the group who hunters. I had voted for him but I no longer can take his nasty comments about other Republicans.

  2. This bickering is going to be the downfall of the party. Trump has already announced. He needs to stay in his lane and campaign. DeSantis needs to help circle the wagons right now. Biden is in self-destruct mode. The good of the country should be the focus, not picking fights.

  3. These personal attacks are getting out of hand. Trump is not helping his cause. Tell us why your ideas will be better than your opponent, NOT what personality traits you dislike about them. I voted Trump twice, but I can’t say if I will again.

  4. Used to be a big Trump supporter even with his big mouth as his policies were great but now he is just a big baby. In fact pathetic no chance of voting for him.

  5. Trump needs the opportunity to complete, draining the swamp. He has proven himself during his 1st Presidency .He is better qualified than any other Republican. Lets not damage our opportunities by bickering& destroying each other. Back Donald Trump !

  6. I agree 100 percent. I believe that is why he didn’t win in 2021 because he kept putting down people. Trump needs to just tell us what he is going to do to put America back to where it was before Biden get into office. If DeSantis runs against Trump I will vote for DeSantis

  7. Paul Snyder Trump is the one taking shots at any Republican he things is going to run for President. As others have said he needs to stay in his lane and fight the Democrats and the MSM not every Republican he dislikes or is afraid of! Its very childish and unbecoming someone that wants to be President again.

  8. Well, no doubt in my mind that Trumps record is great! Without a doubt he moved the ball downfield into the red zone. Regrettably Trump is a antagonist and likes being in attack mode. I’m not sure if this is a result of Donald not being a politician or what, however he slammed Arizonas senator McCain for what? It lost Arizona to the Demorats for no apparent benefit to Republicans and might have been the reason Trump lost the election to Biden.
    That said DeSantis is both a successful administrator and a politician. While I don’t question Trumps accomplishments I do question his style and ability to work with others
    Donald is a narcissistic personality and it attracts his enemies who happen to be narrow minddd liberals, but who cares we need a leader who can win and bring more supporters aboard. DeSantis looks to be that guy

  9. He REVEALED the swamp, deeply. He did not know how to drain it. Turns out, insulting swamp dwellers does not make them leave home.

  10. “A GREAT ACT OF DISLOYALTY ” Now, many good patriots think loyalty is owed to the nation, the people, the flag, not to an individual, king or prior. If DeSantis thinks he is best for the country, or if he commits to acting in the best interest of the country (not sure he does, but if) then let him run the course. A former does not get to dictate the will of the people which comes out in the primary.

  11. Trump breaks the rule, keep your friends close, your enemies closer. Trump is his own worst narcissistic enemy. If he saw his own shadow he’d start cursing it or blaming it for something. What’s DeSantis suppose to do? He does his job well, he’s honest, a gentleman, conservative, pro life, tough, and definitely NOT a rhino. Rhinos are really Judas republicans taking their 30 pieces of silver like Mitch McConnell. Thats definitely not DeSantis. One would hardly have known there had been a category 4-5 hurricane, as by election time Florida was humming. I voted for Trump twice, I contributed to his campaign twice, and while I think Trump was cheated out of 2020 big time via fraud, he went to sleep Election Day ignoring all the signs. The dems finally got the best of him to the detriment of America. He picked losers in Sessions, then Barr, even Wray of the FBI, and others. He didn’t get the fence finished nor did Mexico pay for it. I tried to tell him to make all social security tax free and up to 4 million of all 401K’s tax free, and he’d win in a landslide. Nope he knows everything. I even picked up on Biden’s speech before the election where he made a freudian slip and told the world the dems had the best cheating organization set up in election history and Hilliary told him to not concede under any circumstance even if he was way behind late election night, she knew the fix was in, she’s experienced at “terminating” people, remember the Bernie supporter telling the DNC they cheated Bernie and within weeks he mysteriously was mugged and died. Nope, didn’t make the fake or real news. No relation to Epstein. Check it out if you don’t remember. Went right over Trumps head just like when he shut the country down early during Covid at the will of Fauci to dems delight that sealed the steal along with Zucherburg’s (Caligula) help. I’ll vote for whoever win’s the republican primary if its DeSantis who will be hard to beat or Trump but he needs to shut up or give up if he wants to be renominated.

  12. Don’t know yet what to think in this see-saw of internecine party conflict. It’s too easy just to cut and run and say “The Hell with everything!” Is it possible DeSantis is the illegitimate son of Cornpop?

  13. Jerk, he won’t win, he’s lost his appeal with the public, he can pick in DeSantis all he wants and it won’t hurt DeSantis, he’s just plane grreat and no one will stand a chance on him when everyone gets to know him.

  14. Donald Trump, Why do feel that you need to call people bad names. That is so disrespectful. Please change your speech. We need you in 2024.


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